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12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In South Dakota

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In South Dakota

South Dakota is a combination of rugged and modern beauty all at the same time. From lush woodlands hosting American tribes to Badlands jutting in the sky, the landscapes at South Dakota provide unique experiences and opportunities. Whether its culture or history, there are plenty of places to explore in South Dakota.

Some of the tourist attractions In South Dakota are listed as under:

Badlands National Park

The Badlands national park is made dramatically with pinnacles and uniquely formed hills made of clay and sand from erosion. The herd of bison moving around the park adds a unique experience in the National Park. 

Crazy Horse Memorial

The work of Crazy Horse Memorial began in 1947 and has been in progress since then. The upper and body portion designed in the shape of Chief Standing Bear has been carved into the shape of a mountain. Also, the Indian Museum of North America located on the route to the Crazy House is amazing in itself. Plan to meet the horse in many of the scheduled bus rides to the Memorial. 

Mount Rushmore National Monument

It is a prominent tourist attraction in South Dakota. With the carving majestically done to the sides of the mountain are faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson. The beginning of the carving took place in 1927 made by Gutzon. It was at a halt for many decades and finally completed in 1991. Its creation required blasting of 4,00,000 tons of rock from the mountainsides. 


The city of Deadwood is a history from the remains of Black Hills scenery and Black Hills Gold Rush. The origins of Deadwood’s Wild West can be experienced right from the streets. Some of the attractions that must be seen in the Deadwood are the Adams Museum, Historic Main Street, Broken Boot Gold Mine, etc. The Mount Moriah Cemetery is another fun place to visit in Deadwood that is the final resting place of characters of Wild West. 

Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon is a natural area known for its abundant spruce trees and ponderosa. The cliff walls and beautiful waterfalls are appealing to the eyes. Some of the fantastic waterfalls are Rough Lock Falls, hikes in Spearfish Peak, and Little Crow peak. Delta Airlines Reservations book packages for visiting the famous attractions in South Dakota. 

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is an amazing network of the karstic cave system which is also the largest in the world. The discovery was way back in 1881 by a hunter when he discovered a draft coming from the split in the rock. The cave has a structure called “boxwork” only found in few places in the world. Take up a guided tour for exploring these caves. 

Old Courthouse Museum

It is a renovated quartzite building having three floors that were established in the 1800s. The walls of the museum have interesting art showing the early life of the people in South Dakota. The museum has exhibits showing the history of the city and the town. Also, admissions to the museum are free and donations can be made for improving the building and adding in more things. The reservations to the museum can be done by Delta Airlines Reservations while planning a trip to South Dakota. 

Good Earth State park

Located in the outskirts of Sioux Falls, The Good Earth State Park has a hidden history that is deep and is a larger part of Blood Run National Historic Landmark. The lush green surrounding was once the gathering center for Oneota People. It is one of the oldest places in the history of mankind. The people can find about culture and learn history through the modern visitor center. So, learning about the environment becomes easy. 

Mammoth Site

The Mammoth Site features many Columbian Mammoth bones. The discovery of around 60 mammoths including three woolly mammoths, has been made at this site. The bones of the mammoths have been preserved in a climate-controlled building and visitors are allowed to see the partially covered mammoth bones. Visitors can get through the excavation process with the help of guided tours. 

Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove

This butterfly house is home to thousands of free-flying butterflies in the world. Also, the marine cove adjoining the butterfly house is home to many species of marine life kept in tanks and petting pools. The indoor tropical garden is 3,600 sq ft in size hosting all the butterflies. Visitors can easily check out the weekly classes and many events held like meditation and yoga. 

National Music Museum

The National Music Museum is the center for the study of the history of all the musical instruments at the South Dakota University and featuring thousands of Non-western and American European instruments from the historical periods. With free admission, it is a sure shot place for all music lovers. 

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Custer State Park

Custer State Park is one of the famous parks in South Dakota providing various recreation opportunities and sightseeing. It is home to many wildlife including herds of bison roaming around the peaceful landscape. The granite peaks move over the mountains and lakes. It provides trails for hiking, biking, and many other activities. 

These are some of the top attractions of South Dakota. Plan a trip soon using Southwest Airlines Reservations and you will be fascinated by the beauty of South Dakota. 

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