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1kw Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy

1kw Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy

Thanks to its unique geographical location, India is blessed when it comes to solar power generation. Most of the areas in our country can use solar energy as the primary source of energy generation. With the help of the latest commercial and residential solar installers like Urban Solarise, one need not worry about finding the right technology and installation services. Everything is packaged well to offer a complete guided experience. If we have such great options available to us, why not make the best out of it? Why should we depend on state-run electricity grids when we can choose unlimited renewable energy sources for free? All you would need to get the most benefits out of this renewable source of energy is a reliable solar system.

1 kW solar system in India

1 kilowatt solar systems are perfect for 2-3 BHK homes and small businesses. If you do not wish to make a significant investment in solar systems, then the 1kw solar panel price in India would be an excellent option for you. It is sufficient to experiment at a small level and see the efficiency and compatibility with your energy needs. Over time, if you are interested in increasing your solar system’s capacity, you can add more solar panels and related components. Urban Solarise is the residential and commercial solar installers that you can rely upon for any solar system. They have a wide range of solar systems with different capacities like 1kW, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW, and 10kW.


Generates 1000 units per year

For a 3 BHK home and small shops, 1000 units per year are more than sufficient. It can sustain various loads and offer an excellent alternative option for the conventional electricity grid power consumption.

Rooftop installation

The photovoltaic solar systems are to be installed on a rooftop where they can get sufficient sun exposure. The sunlight should directly follow up on the solar panels without any obstruction for best performance.

Custom galvanized structure

The custom galvanized structure of the one kilowatt solar systems gives it an advantage over other types of solar energy solutions. It is a good option for remote areas as well.

Cost of 1kW solar system in India

The total 1kW solar panel price in Indiawould be around ₹98,000, including all the taxes applicable. This price includes the solar panels, solar inverter, lithium battery, panel stand, and other installation kits required. The installation and commissioning charges for the solar system are also included in this price tag. Suppose this seems out of your budget, no need to worry. The Indian government offers various subsidies and cost savings methods that can help you out.

Buy 1kW solar system with a subsidy in India

The Indian government offers an average of 30% subsidy on India’s total cost of solar systems. In some exceptional cases, this rate of subsidy can increase up to 70% as well. To avail of the subsidy, you would need sufficient documentation and follow the government’s strict procedures. Get in touch with your electricity provider and file a formal application to avail of the subsidy. When installing your solar system, they would come to inspect and verify the details of your solar system.

Benefits of using solar system

There are various benefits that you can avail of if you turn towards solar energy. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

Save energy costs

This might seem obvious, but it is the most valuable benefit that you can achieve by adopting solar energy. Even business owners are not taking the help of commercial solar installers to make the most out of this profit-making alternative. Various methods like net metering, subsidies, etc., can help you save a lot on your electricity bill.

Lowering dependence on electricity grids

The ideal situation would be to have a consistent electricity supply throughout the cities and villages of India. But we know that the reality is far from this. The best way to tackle such a situation is to move towards alternative energy sources like solar energy. The latest solar power technology can empower you to have sufficient electricity for your household without depending on the electricity grid power supply.

The ideal circumstance is have a predictable power supply all through the urban communities and towns of India. Yet, we realize that the fact of the matter is a long way from this. The most ideal approach to handle such a circumstance is to move towards elective fuel sources like sun powered energy. The most recent sun based force innovation can enable you to have adequate power for your family without relying upon the power lattice power supply.

Environment friendly

People do not care much about the environment if it is not beneficial for them. But what if the change is beneficial for your budget as well as for the environment? Using solar energy is that option. It does not leave carbon footprints and is a clean source of energy.


Harnessing solar power with the help of Urban Solarise will help you get ahead of the competition. You can now become self-sufficient without having to go out of a budget. It is the best way to have a sustainable power supply throughout the year.

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