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4 skincare products recognized as the best to use in 2021.

4 skincare products recognized as the best to use in 2021.

These are the skin care products that I think are the best to use, don’t you think?

L’Oreal Black Essence

I think its very powerful point is that its effect is very stable. It is like I stay up all night frequently, often put on makeup, or clean too much, excessively, and excessively remove makeup, so that our skin is damaged and damaged. It is because of these reasons that I The skin condition is unstable. After using it, my skin can gradually stabilize. Its texture is a bit like egg white, it is very fluid, so that it will not have that sticky feeling when pushed away, it has good absorption, and it will not cause any burden on the skin. After using it for a long time, I find that my skin is slow Slowly stabilized. It has an important ingredient called dichroic yeast, which can repair the skin barrier. I think this is super powerful.


I think the fairy water is the most worth buying product in its family. It can be used not only as a toner but also as an essence water. The entire bottle of fairy water contains up to 90.7% SK-II’s unique Pitera essence, which can help the skin improve its natural physiological effects. It makes my skin more detailed and smooth, and at the same time it can dilute the marks on my face and reduce the formation of acne. The most obvious effect is to brighten the skin tone, reduce the pores, and apply it to acne. During the period of using it, the skin condition can be maintained particularly good. The effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, brightening the skin tone and removing yellow gas is very good. Asos NHS discount code


I still like this set of skin care products as a whole. I think the Nourishing Yin series is more suitable for people with oily skin. In my opinion, it is not enough to use water lotion in this season. Then I put a layer of cream on it again. The seed moisturizes a lot. The moisturizing essence, also known as the pre-water essence, has a herbal scent, which I really like. It feels cold and cold when applied to the face. It is absorbed very quickly. Even two layers It is quickly absorbed, and then the skin will be particularly moisturized, not oily at all, completely absorbed, and will not float on the surface. The favorite in the set is this essence, which is better than the little black bottle used before!

Avène Hengrun Moisturizing Essence

The texture of essence milk is not the texture of essence water, it is not the kind of essence water with very good fluidity, it is essence milk, so the texture may be biased towards the texture of emulsion, a bit sticky, just a bit sticky, The smell of it is quite good. The design of the essence bottle mouth is the pressing type that I like, because it can be used accurately, and it will not be wasted because of too much, and it will not be ineffective because of too little. It can also ensure the cleanliness of the product. The amount of pressing twice for each use is enough to use the whole face. Because the temperature is relatively low now, I usually press on the palm to warm it and apply it on the face, which can help the essence to be better absorbed.

Biotherm Men’s Facial Cleanser

My boyfriend’s face was very oily in the summer, and then I chose a lot of choices, and finally bought him Biotherm’s facial cleanser. My boyfriend said it’s very easy to use. It will have a light fragrance when washing it, and it’s easy. Foaming, rich and delicate foam, and after washing, I think his face is cleaner than before. He said he won’t feel tight and comfortable, hahaha, he likes it, I will repurchase it of.

Ou Tili Moisturizing Spray

I think Ou Tili’s grape seed spray is the most effective moisturizing water for my skin. It is a must-have for dry skin all year round. I often buy a bottle of it in the office to replenish water. It not only moisturizes, but also relieves redness and swelling. I like it very much. The taste is very light and very light grape flavor, I think it smells quite good, and its nozzle design, the spray spray is even and full, and the spray is cold, super comfortable, easy to use, easy to use , Super easy to use! ! check blog at rokanhulu online

Yiquan soft lip balm

Now lip balm is a must-have item for girls in winter. I recommend that those who have not used this lipstick must try it. This lipstick is really the kind of invincible and easy to use. The cream is light yellow and has no fragrance. The mouth is not oily and moisturized. It can last for several hours without eating. Apply a thick layer before going to bed to wipe off a lot of dry skin in the morning. Even Ruby woo is not afraid! the best choice. Wannian repurchase.

Borghese Mud Green Clay Mask

It is an indispensable good thing for acne muscle oily skin. This green clay mask is the first time I use it. I think it is more moisturizing than Coyan’s. After using it, it is obvious that the blackheads are sucked out and the pores are also a lot smaller. The steps must not be forgotten, and you must remember to apply the mask again, otherwise it will be useless, the taste is faint mung bean flavor, you can use it once or twice a week, I think it can be repurchased for a long time! ! !

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