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4 steps to beautiful skin that will only take you 7 minutes

4 steps to beautiful skin that will only take you 7 minutes

If you meet someone with beautiful skin, are you also interested in a recipe for achieving similar results? Most of us regularly take care of our skin by washing our faces and applying cream in the evening and the morning. Those more consistent may even use a tonic. We don’t want to spend too much time in the bathroom, so we do only what is necessary. And the results are nowhere to be seen.

The secret of beautiful skin lies in thorough and regular care. The sooner you start, the better

The recipe for beautiful and healthy skin has long been known. Unfortunately, he doesn’t learn anywhere, and sometimes even our mothers don’t know him. So let’s talk about how to do it. Start by diagnosing your skin. You can handle it quickly at home. Wash your face in the morning with clean water and let the skin be for 20 minutes. Do not use any cleansers or other skincare products. Watch how the skin behaves. A small test will show you which category it falls into.

  • Dry skin  (starts to tighten, uncomfortably tightens, scales appear)
  • Normal skin  (nothing special will happen at all)
  • Combination skin (grease T-zone, forehead or nose)
  • Oily skin  (fades most of your face)

Once you know what skin type you have, you can start a new morning and evening routine. It will restore youth and freshness to your skin. Perform the following four steps every day. Repeat them in the morning and evening. Consistency is the key for skincare.

Step 1: Start and finish each day by thoroughly cleansing the skin

Cleanse your skin every morning and evening

Skin cleansing is not just for people who put on make-up. We all need to clean the skin carefully. It regenerates fully at night and needs proper cleansing in the morning. During the day, a lot of dirt settles on it  (outdoor dust, sweat, etc.). Cleansing milks and gels remove them even with excess grease and make-up. What products to use for the first phase of cleaning?

Cleansing creams for drier skin  (they have a thicker consistency)

Cleansing gels for normal and oily skin  (they are lighter)

How to clean your skin properly? 

If you are making up, start classically with make-up removal. Then comes the cleansing gel or milk. Squeeze a little on the soaked sponge or cotton swab. Then clean the skin on the face, neck and décolleté in a circular motion. Never rub it with force, but rather massage it gently. Avoid only the eye area. Then rinse the skin with water.

You need suitable sponges to cleanse your skin. They massage the skin and cleanse it deeply

The natural konjac sponge gently and thoroughly cleans the pores, so it is ideal for cleaning very sensitive skin. After use, always rinse it with clean water or wash it with an intimate gel. Then hang it by the string so that it can dry. If you leave it lying on the sink, bacteria can start to multiply in it.

Also, expect it to harden naturally over time. But you don’t have to buy a new one right away. Just use it for a while in a bowl of water before use, where it will soften nicely again. You can alternate Konjac sponges with silicone sponges. They beautifully foam the cleansing gel, take care of a gentle peeling and a pleasant skin massage.

Step 2: Finish cleansing the skin with a tonic or lotion

beautiful skin

Also, use tonics and creams every day

After the first wash, the skin needs to be cleansed and toned. Cleanse the entire face, eye area, neck and cleavage with a lotion or tonic. This will remove the last remnants of dirt and make-up. Then pour a few drops of tonic on your fingers and gently press them into your skin. You will achieve higher hydration.

Step 3: Prepare the skin for the supply of active ingredients

Application of cream and foundation serum

In the penultimate step, you must create a base for the cream. It consists of various serums, emulsions or nourishing gels, which you can alternate as you wish. Always apply them to perfectly cleansed and toned skin. Be sure not to be afraid to layer.

Just pay attention to one important thing: facial products do not belong to the eye area. The skin is very soft and fragile here, so it needs creams and serums with a lighter consistency. Always use products designed for the eye area. But the good news is that you can also use products for the eye area on the face.

Botox gels treat your skin every day.

Apply the pea gel in the morning and evening on the whole face, except for the eye area. If you are new to Botolux gels, try the silver one first.

Serums for the face and eye area “Rybičky” are enough 3 times a week

They contain 40% hydrolyzed silk, natural oils and are preservative-free. Cut one fish’s “tail”, squeeze the liquid on your fingers and apply it to the face/eye area. You can alternate sera with other nourishing gels and emulsions.

The emulsion prepares the skin for thorough hydration

They intensively hydrate the skin, restoring its firmness and elasticity. Emulsions act as a base, so they cannot be used instead of skin creams. You can alternate them with face serums.

Step 4: Daily care closes with skin creams

How to apply skin cream correctly

Finish the whole procedure by applying face cream. Take the cream from the box with a special spatula. From there, transfer it to the nail of your hand and only then apply it to the face or eye area. This will prevent bacteria and impurities from getting into the cream.

The first comes the eye area. The fragile skin around the eyes needs regular hydration

How to use eye care products correctly? Creams and serums are never applied to the lid (moving area of ​​the eye). Always apply them by light tapping only under the eyebrows, follow the bone towards the ear, over the fan-shaped wrinkles to the area under the eye. Never stretch delicate skin. It is so fragile that it could break.

Now just face cream for the face, neck and cleavage. And you’re done

Choose a skin cream according to what your skin currently needs. You can reach for hydrating, nourishing, rejuvenating or regenerating. Also, please respect the time for which it is intended (day, night, universal). At this stage, the skin can take the maximum amount of active ingredients from the creams. If you do not use the cream, the skin will not receive the necessary hydration and nutrition. Skin creams naturally complete comprehensive care.

If you are facing any kind of skin issues or you want to consult an expert, please visit Ipal Clinic. Nowadays Ipal Clinic has the best skin specialist in Islamabad. They truly understand the importance of correcting skin fascial volumes and proportion as the face ages.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the bathroom. These four steps will only take you 7 minutes.

Repeat the above procedures every morning and evening. Your skin will then get what it needs. When you experience all the steps, it will take you about 7 minutes. In a day, skincare costs you less than 15 minutes. But your beautiful skin will stay forever.

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