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5 Most Popular German Cities You Must Have to Visit

5 Most Popular German Cities You Must Have to Visit

Starting from the Berlin Wall to Oktoberfest, Germany has a rich history and a plethora of activities to try on. When planning for a trip to Europe, make sure to at least check out one of the biggest cities in Germany. The beauty in all of its architecture is simply marvelous.Popular German Cities Germany is famous for its cathedrals and castles designed like entering a magical and fairytale land.

Germany is one of the largest countries in the world but people have managed to see only one or two of their cities in their first visit to Germany. There are various ways to visit this place but you can book cheap flight tickets for the trip so you can save your time and money.

The Popular German Cities are listed as under:


Hamburg hosts the third-largest port in Europe and it is the second biggest city in Germany. The story of Hamburg started from the Roman Era and we are lucky enough to witness the original architecture and buildings of the Roman era even today. It has been successfully able to preserve all the raids of World War II. The City Hall is a prestigious neoclassical building which is the only palace in Hamburg. Also, the inner decoration reminds people of the 19th century. 

Strolling along the hallways and open-air market located close to the City Palace is one of the best things to watch. The Miniature Museum is one of the interesting museums ever built in Germany and it is kept in its originality. The museum is said to host model figure exhibitions in Europe. The last stoppage in Hamburg would be the world-famous fish market held close to the port. And, this market opens its doors for visitors in the wee hours of Sundays. You can find Indie bands playing live music in the storage room of the port and you can end your night with freshly cooked breakfast and with live music. 


Potsdam is one magnificent city with innumerable palaces and Gardens and the historical seating of the Prussians. The starting was made by the Prussian kings in creating a baroque dream and their successors were able to fulfill their dream by adorning the city with neoclassical monuments. It has been a cultural treasure since the 1990s with monuments such as Neuer Garten, Babelsberg, Sanssouci, etc. All of these palaces are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Spending your day at Potsdam would begin at the Old Market located at the main square of the city. Follow through the lanes to the church of St. Nikolai, the City Hall, and the Lustgarten all set up at an aristocratic complex. The summer palace created by Friedrich the Great turned out to be the best example of Rococo architecture in Germany. He used to come to his palace to forget all his worries. So, the Palace’s name is sans Souci which means “Without any worry”. 

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The Cathedral of Cologne is a must visit place once in a lifetime. It does not matter how many pictures you have seen of the cathedral or what you have heard of it from your close ones, but the moment you lay your eyes on it, you will be mesmerized by its beauty. 157 mt tall towers reaching the clouds will make you gasp in awe. The cathedral took almost about 600 years for its completion. 

It is the biggest Gothic church in Germany which was able to survive 14 different bombings happening during World War II. The fascinating thing about the Cathedral is the preservation of the three bones of the “Three Kings” who came to bless Jesus Christ at the time of his birth. The vividly colored houses, the petite squares, and the cobblestone alleys of the 19th century and live bars are appealing to the eyes. Local Kolsch Beer is served in the many bars of Cologne. 


Freiburg is one of the wonderful experiences that you will get in Germany even if the sun is not shining as per the riddles made for Freiburg.  It is one of the oldest cities in Germany living up to the cultural and historic past of Germany. Enjoy traditional cuisine at the many cafes, restaurants, and breweries which are run by the locals. The 116 mt tall Gothic Tower adds to the vibrant history of the city. 

The Cathedral’s square is also the largest which sees weekly markets taking place. The city can be seen celebrating many festivals that go on all through the year. The festivals start from January with Internationalen Kulturbörse and end with Christmas in December. 


Munich is the biggest river tributary of the Danube. The Octoberfest celebrations happen in the city of Munich along with the gigantic bretzels. The history of Munich goes back to the 12th century and is a quaint and quiet city. It has been able to develop multicultural personality adding to becoming the “village of the world”. The multi-ethnic corporations and automobile technology go hand in hand-designed in Bavarian rustic style. 

With a collection of wonderful markets, gardens, and museums, Munich has everything from large department stores to the doll-like flea markets. The historical center was damaged during the war but reconstruction took place like the original. The City Hall is famous for the Glockenspiel, the clock built with statues that come to life every hour. 

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