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8 Tools for Church Management to Build Communities

8 Tools for Church Management to Build Communities

Every industry on this planet is using technology to streamline its methods and heighten fertility. It has already transformed our lives to an unimaginable extent where we cannot live without it for a day. We are living in a world where church management software exists to help religious institutions.

Churches and ministries have many processes and tasks to manage. These include donations, event management, and members database management that require the assistance of technology. Thousands of churches and ministries are already using various tech tools around the globe.

Financial Impact Church Management Software

The church management software will come at a subscription price for the users. The features will depend on the money you are willing to invest in the system. Though, there are free applications available for the growing churches with limited funds.

It is advised to use the demo versions to find the use of these tools in your church. They may help to increase the funds by providing a simple interface for online donation. Therefore, financial help such as guaranteed loans for the unemployed is a great option for the cost of the tools and setup for your church, ministry, or non-profit group.  

Best Church Management Software in the Market

It is time to find the ideal church management software if you have made your mind to integrate technology with religious activities. Many prospects are available in the market with the equivalent purpose and many inherent features. Here is the list of the best church management software to improve the processes at your church or ministries. 

Charity Tracker

The name suggests the primary use of CharityTracker for churches or any other institutions. You can track the charity amount with fund management and a comprehensive database. Moreover, it will help improve the collaboration and communication for your church. 

You don’t have to read a lengthy user manual for its simple and elegant user interface. The tool can help respond quickly to individual requests and send a bulletin to the long list of recipients. For the pricing, the developers have chosen a subscription model that starts at $20/month.

Faithful Steward

A faithful Steward is a ChMS tool with cross-platform support and numerous built-in tools. It is available in two different versions – software and web-based application. You can either download it or use it on any device through a compatible browser.

It is ideal for small to medium-sized organisations with an affordable solution to manage different tasks. You get support for standalone tools or plugins for accounts management. The developers are offering a free trial version before the subscription that starts at $25 per month. 


Breeze is one of the most popular tools for church management, with over 8,000 churches already using it. You get on-the-spot access to the features with a clean and easy user interface. Moreover, it is powerful enough to manage the various tasks in your religious institution easily.

The member database is easily accessible to the authorised users with many options to create reports. You can manage the individual members or put tags on them. However, the pricing model is steep, with a price of $50 per month. 

Bitrix24 ChMS

Bitrix24 ChMS is the solution if you want a free-to-use application to manage your church. You get access to over 35 management tools without spending a penny from your wallet. The software provides the essential features to manage attendance, groups, events, and contributions.

Bitrix24 offer support for existing tools and software solutions for the church. The limited funding will not impact the management as the tool provides some modern features such as automation, feedback tools, and detailed analytics. You should use it instead of the pricey software on the list to save significant money over time. 

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder provides leaders with a powerful tool to manage people, events, schedules, and processes. You will have the information of disciplines in the application with a secure database. Moreover, you can use it for attendance, donation management, and volunteer groups management. 

The cross-platform support of the application ensures you can check in from any device to get the required information. The users can donate from any device without registering themselves. Three different versions are available of Church Community Builder with more features for a premium subscription. is a church management software designed to increase engagement and manage online donations. The intuitive built-in tools permit the ministries to boost engagement among the members. The cross-platform support ensures user convenience while donating funds to the church.

Also, six different methods are provided for the members. The basic features include attendance, event, and group management. It is the ideal tool to effectively lead the church with a spike in donations and simplified management. 


Like the other tools in the list, Aplos provides plenty o features to manage the church processes efficiently. It has a built-in accounting tool for funds, donations, and group management. You can accept online gifts and donations through the simple user interface for the members.

People management includes group and team messaging and email marketing or communication. 

The database of users and contributors accommodate comfortable access to comprehensive analytics and reports. It is an effective solution for organisations of different sizes, from small to large.

Power Church

PowerChurch is a simple and affordable solution to increase administrative efficiency and streamline accounting tasks. The developers provide web and software versions to meet the exact requirement of the users. You can maintain the memberships, contributions, events, accounting, and check-ins with the tool.

Although, you can integrate the current tools utilized for church authority, like the ones used for accounting.

You can also use the demo version before funding the tool to contain its performance and application in your congregation.


To sum up, the tools in the list will help with the management and donations for the growth of your community. You need them to streamline the different processes for simple and transparent operations. Moreover, an increase in donations has been observed after the installation of these tools in the community.

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