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About Adam Zampa / Adam Zampa Biography

About Adam Zampa / Adam Zampa Biography

Adam Zampa is an Australian cricketer and leg spinner who represents South Australia. His run-up and action are said to resemble those of Shane Warne. He emerged in Australia’s ODI and T20 squads in 2016 after having a successful summer playing for South Australia and the Melbourne Stars. He made his ODI debut against New Zealand at Westpac Stadium on Feb 06, 2016. At the 2016 World T20 in India, he took more wickets than any other Australian player during the tournament. He also claimed the second-best figures in the tournament’s history in the IPL that followed when he bagged 6 wickets for 19 for Rising Pune Supergiants.

He became a regular for Australia in 2019 and featured in every game on the successful tours of India and the UAE, and ensuring a place for that year’s World Cup squad. His father, Darren, played for New South Wales Country, and it was here that Zampa also began his career. He debuted for New South Wales in 2012-13, and a year later, moved to South Australia. He returned to Sydney for the 2020-2021 season.

Zampa was born on 31st March 1992. His birth chart reveals many interesting things about him. His Sun sign is Aries, and his Rasi or Moon sign is Aquarius. His birth star, or Nakshatra, is Dhanishta. 


Adam Zampa is someone to whom comfort and happiness come first. But it does not mean that he neglects his duties to pursue these things. On the contrary, he will work hard to attain what he desires. He loves company and doesn’t like to be alone. He tends to seek out friendships and values them highly. He is capable and admires efficient people. He is slow to anger and handles finances shrewdly. He respects tradition but is willing to try out new things. He has a good heart and loves children.

Zampa’s feelings and thoughts are in harmony, so he has a firm grasp of reality. He is quite practical and expresses himself with tact. He is able to understand the weaknesses that prevent him from achieving inner satisfaction. But he has a tendency to worry about inconsequential matters. He is inclined to gossip and can be critical of himself. He has a sharp intellect and is industrious. He will leave no stone unturned to get what he wants. He is likely to develop an interest in Hinduism and spirituality.

He needs to watch his temper as it can cause problems in his studies. But his sharp intellect will help him excel. In his career, he needs to have constant public contact. He has a persuasive and magnetic personality. He will be lucky in making money and may have many possessions, especially land and houses. In fact, he can create a lot out of nothing. He is likely to have a literary or artistic bent and could become an author or even actor. He will also spend time and money on humanitarian work.

Adam Zampa is more of an introvert. If he had to face a crowd, he would feel shy and withdraw. He is highly motivated when he is left alone to do what he wants and at his own pace.

Zampa likes to travel, and if he had the money and the leisure, he would love to explore the world. He loves to play cards and also gets a lot of pleasure by making things. 


Love may arrive early in Zampa’s life. When it strikes, it may strike hard. But the passion will cool quickly, and he may fall in and out of love many times before he finds the right one. He may marry late, but it will be a happy one.


Health may not cause him any major worries, but he should not neglect it, either. The main problem is his susceptibility to extremes of heat and cold, especially heat. He may suffer from sunstroke. He should avoid anything that will increase his body temperature. In later life, he may have apoplexy. He should get plenty of sleep and avoid late hours. This is important because he is very energetic and can never remain still. This can deplete his vitality quickly. 

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