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Advantages of Using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator India Online

Advantages of Using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator India Online

One of the safest means to grow your savings would be to invest in Bajaj Finance FD. Apart from the high interest rates of up to 6.75%, it also gives you the opportunity of using a flexible tenor and multiple investment options to your advantage. 

However, you might still want to understand or calculate the returns that you would be getting after tenor completion. To help you calculate FD returns without any issues, Bajaj Finance has introduced a fixed deposit calculator on its official website. 

If you do not know what an FD calculator is, you can think of it as an online tool or program that calculates the FD interest and returns automatically once you provide the necessary details like principal amount, customer category, tenor, FD type, etc. to it. Read the below points to understand the main advantages of using this FD calculator:

Precise calculation 

Though anyone would get sufficient returns on investing in Bajaj Finance FD, it becomes imperative for you to know the exact returns especially if you have some financial plan or goal in mind. The FD calculator available on its portal lets you calculate the returns and interest gains accurately and this enables you to carry out your financial plans smoothly. 

Finding the impact of additional FD rates 

Bajaj Finance FD offers a 0.25% extra FD interest rate to senior citizens and a 0.10% additional FD rate to those who opt to invest via the online FD form. To know how these additional FD rates impact your returns, you would have to rely on the fixed deposit calculator. 

Knowing the best tenor and FD type 

Every investor has his own set of financial goals and ambitions. Therefore, the selection of deposit amount, tenor, and FD type will very much depend on your requirements. An FD calculator enables you to analyze the amount, tenor, and FD type that can generate returns as per your expectations. 

Also, Bajaj Finance FD comes with a multi-deposit feature that allows you to deposit in multiple FDs with a single payment cheque. For that, you will need to divide your corpus into smaller amounts and choose a different tenor and FD type for each of your deposits so that it can help you to ladder your investments carefully. An FD calculator will help you to make a better decision by letting you know the exact maturity amount you will get after the tenor completion of each FD. 

For example, let’s say that you have collected a corpus of Rs. 40 lakhs but do not intend to invest all of it in one FD. Now, you can split your corpus into 5, 15, and 20 lakhs and choose a tenor of 5, 4, and 3 years for each of them respectively. The below table shows the kind of earnings that you would be earning if your age is less than 60 years :

Customer typePrincipal AmountTenor Interest RateInterest gains Maturity Amount 
Non-senior (online investment)Rs. 5,00,0005 years 7.10%Rs. 2,04,559Rs. 7,04,559
Non-senior (online investment)Rs. 15,00,0004 years 7.10%Rs. 4,73,555Rs. 19,73,555
Non-senior (online investment)Rs. 20,00,0003 years7.10%Rs. 4,56,962Rs. 24,56,962
Non-senior (offline investment)Rs. 5,00,0005 years 7%Rs. 2,01,276Rs. 7.01,276
Non-senior (offline investment)Rs. 15,00,0004 years 7%Rs. 4,66,194Rs. 19,66,194
Non-senior (offline investment)Rs. 20,00,0003 years 7%Rs. 4,50,086Rs. 24,50,086

However, if you are older than 60, your returns will be as per the below table:

Customer typePrincipal AmountTenor Interest RateInterest gains Returns 
Non-senior (online/offline investment)Rs. 5,00,0005 years 7.25%Rs. 2,09,507Rs. 7,09,507
Non-senior (online/offline investment)Rs. 15,00,0004 years 7.25%Rs. 4,84,634Rs. 19,84,634
Non-senior (online/offline investment)Rs. 20,00,0003 years7.25%Rs. 4,67,300Rs. 24,67,300

To find the true impact of an FD on your investments, you must get an accurate estimation of the returns before investing. Bajaj Finance FD is known to provide the best FD rates in India. However, to find the applicable interest rate as per your customer category, you will need to use the FD calculator.

An FD calculator is a simple tool that lets you calculate the interest earnings and returns of an FD. You can also use it to make a better investment decision using FD and it also comes in handy while investing in multiple FDs using the multi-deposit facility.

A Credible Investment Avenue 

Bajaj Finance FD scheme is a credible investment avenue as credit rating organizations like CRISIL and ICRA have provided it with high credibility ratings. Therefore, your investments are safe and you need not have to worry about losing your invested capital. 

The options like multi-deposit facility and loan against FDs make it a convenient FD scheme for you. Also, you get a flexible tenor from 12 to 60 months to plan your investment as per your financial goals and needs.

Predicting returns of a fixed deposit plan is easy as its interest rate remains the same throughout the tenor. Like other financiers, even Bajaj Finance offers an FD calculator on its portal and it is easy to calculate the returns by using it. If you are looking for a feasible and attractive FD scheme then you can opt for the Bajaj Finance FD scheme as it is offering FD rates as high as 6.75%.

Also, the features like multi-deposit facility, paperless investment process, higher FD rate to senior citizens, loan against FDs, online payment options, and multiple interest payout option make it a comprehensive and lucrative financial instrument for you. It is safe to invest in this FD scheme as credit rating agencies have recognized it for securing the deposits of investors.

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