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10 Benefits of Using Air Freight Services

10 Benefits of Using Air Freight Services

Shipping is locally affordable, so we automatically look for these savings internationally. This is part of the reason airlines are blatantly visible in return. This is a missed opportunity for many shipping scenarios dealing with small quantities. The advantages of air freight transportation are many, not just the speed of delivery. Air cargo companies are the preferred choice in many industries such as automotive, interior design, electronics and construction. Up to $ 6 trillion of goods are shipped worldwide by air freight. In fact, it accounts for more than 35% of total trade.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 benefits to help you understand how important air freight services are to both personal and business needs.

Unmatched speed

If speed is important, you can’t afford less than air freight service. Sea and land transportation are always significantly slower and less reliable in this regard.

Sure, some shipping services may advertise comparable shipping rates, but there is no guarantee.

Consistency of arrival and departure

With the services of an airline cargo company, it is easy to track your cargo and follow the promised delivery time. See what flight it is, when it will take off, and when it will land. For overland or sea freight, the package can be placed anywhere until it reaches the main hub.

The lack of planes does not mean waiting an extra day for air cargo service. Aeroplanes operate on average hourly.

In addition to having fewer jumps associated with air transport, you can minimize tariffs.

Shipping costs allow you to add parcels, customs, port charges and other taxes. You can pay for the airfare while you receive the parcel after a few weeks.

Global transportation flexibility

If you ship by air freight companies, you can deliver to more locations. Reliance on the sea and land cargo mean going through major transportation networks. This often excludes the smaller countries of the world.

Opening more doors to more parts of the world means serving a wider range and more customers.

Low premium

Due to the fast-shipping times, air freight insurance premiums are on average lower than other modes of transportation. The shorter the package movement time, the lower the risk of package loss/theft.

Passing your package with fewer hands is also more secure for both parties.

High-security standards

Not only are there few package connections on average, but air cargo services place great importance on security and tracking. Airport safety and security are top priorities, so agents handle cargo with caution.

Luggage is less likely to be stolen from the airport, not from the port or postal hub.

Reduce storage reliance

Fast parcel delivery means that SMEs are less dependent on local inventory stockpiles. Trends and influx of business have forced companies to put them on hold.

Inventory management becomes more natural when goods come and go without delay. This is a great advantage when adapting to buyer trends, seasons and more.

Reduction of packing materials

Transport by land or sea must be bulky and comprehensive to absorb shocks and drops. Airfreight allows for lighter packaging, further speeding up the manufacturer’s shipping process.

As a result, the cargo is lighter and more shipping costs can be saved.

Outsourcing experience

When dealing with air cargo services, their expertise in outsourcing options turns out to be invaluable. Sea freight is often impersonal and anxious. Having a strong relationship with your career is important for long-term success.

Too much transportation logistics is lost at seas, such as customs arrangements and detailed contract printing. Thanks to our experienced managers, air freight is a relatively simple and transparent process.

Comprehensive service

The International Air Transport Network offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of different customers. This includes great relationships with freight carriers, carriers, operators, customs brokers and GPS logistics. This will ensure that your package arrives safely and securely.

The fragile and delicate package is easily safe by air cargo service.

Legal compliance

One of the main benefits of air cargo, which is often overlooked, is its cumbersome management aspects. Getting all the documentation and taking care of them on your behalf is huge. It is important to hire an experienced company, as mistakes can lead to fines and harassment.

This is especially true when dealing with sea freight. It is very difficult to track all the legal and regulatory outcomes needed to cross the border.

Reliable air cargo service

Remember intangible assets when deciding how to ship your goods. You should always choose a qualified, personalized and experienced carrier rather than the cheapest rates available.

Know that your freight is delivered by professionals who already have the connection and knowledge to ship anywhere. Correct the cargo first, leaving nothing by chance.

Port charges, penalties, and loss of inventory can cost more over time. Companies may call this a “calculated risk”, which eliminates the emotional stress of uncertainty.

Choose ASAP Courier to see how you can change your mindset about transportation logistics. We can help you determine the best shipping method for your business.

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