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Pro Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

Pro Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

If you do it correctly, the Amazon marketplace can be a fantastic eCommerce platform for online sellers. There is plenty of competition. It is easy to see why so many sellers have chosen to launch their businesses on Amazon.

You must keep up with your competition to increase Amazon sales. These tips will help you become a successful Amazon seller and increase your Amazon sales.

1. Competitive Price

Amazon has a lot of competition. The biggest difference between sellers is price. However, this doesn’t need to be a barrier to your profitability. To determine which products are worth selling in the market, you must use price competition.

You should only sell items with a large margin that offers you a reasonable rate for return and is still competitively priced. Remember to account for inventory, order fulfillment, overhead costs, and other expenses.

2. Automate your Listings

Listing products continuously is not only time-consuming but also a waste of time. You could spend your time better on marketing, customer engagement, or other key business strategies.

Automating your Amazon listings can simplify the process and save you both time and money. An Amazon listing tool will help you list products in bulk and save you tons of time.

3. Subscribe to Pro Merchant Subscription

If you are looking to list a lot of products, Amazon’s Pro Merchant subscription will save you money.

Individual sellers pay $0.99 per transaction. With Pro Merchant, however, there is no per-item fee. Instead, there is a $39.99 monthly charge to list as many items on Amazon Marketplace as you wish. 

This means that you’d pay $0.40 per transaction if there were 100 transactions each month. If you do 1,000 transactions per month, the cost is $0.04 per transaction.

Amazon Pro Merchant also offers additional benefits such as the ability to upload bulk items, improved reporting, increased selling options, and the ability to list unique, new products to the marketplace.

4. Consider Using Fulfillment By Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a great way to increase your sales volume. Fulfillment by Amazon is the preferred option for most Amazon sellers. This service allows you to send your inventory directly to Amazon. They then take it from there.

Amazon ships your item to the customer when one of your items is sold. You are responsible for the storage and shipping costs of your items, which can often be discounted. FBA can also be used to fulfill orders for products that you sell via other channels.

5. Amazon Wishlist

You can use the Amazon Wishlist as a seller to increase sales and reach. Amazon Wishlist allows sellers to tap into large numbers of online shoppers who are looking to simplify gift-giving.

amazon wish list

6. Win the Buy Box

Amazon Buy Box, the highly sought-after box located on the right side product detail page. Customers can click this box to add the item to their shopping cart. Because it increases your chances of selling products, the Buy Box is highly sought-after. The best way to increase your Amazon sales is to win the Buy Box.

To be eligible for the Buy Box, you must meet certain criteria. Amazon will select you from the pool sellers offering the same item. These criteria include:

  • Available
  • Price
  • Overall performance as a seller
  • Shipping options

7. Enhance Your SEO

There are so many sellers on Amazon that it is important that customers can find your products. Amazon ranks listings based on keywords in product titles. Therefore, you should include as many keywords in the 500-character title as possible. Amazon provides Keyword Tools to optimize your listing titles.

8. Review and Get Feedback

Amazon is very important in ensuring positive customer reviews. According to studies, 97% of buyers read product reviews before purchasing. Even more amazing is the 18% increase in sales due to reviews.

9. Advertise on Amazon

Amazon advertising is a great way to get noticed and increase sales. The Sponsored Product option is a good choice if you are just starting out or want to increase visibility for your products.

Sponsored products will show your product in search results and on product detail pages. This service is available at a cost, but it’s a pay-per-click charge. You only pay what you use. Amazon also offers a special deal for the first time you use sponsored products.

10. Know the Rules and Regulations 

Ensure you comprehend and observe the guidelines and regulations Amazon has set up – there are many. The accomplishment of your business is that you agree with them since, in such a case that they are broken, you risk being suspended or having your record totally shut down. By keeping the guidelines and regulations you are in good shape to having the option to build Amazon sales. 

11. Market Outside of Amazon 

You’re not permitted to showcase individuals from Amazon, yet you can totally advertise outside to carry clients to your Amazon store. Content advertising on your different sites is powerful in drawing in possible clients to your Amazon listings. Utilizing social media promoting for your eCommerce business is an extraordinary choice too. 

Here are some different types of promoting you can use to expand traffic on your Amazon items: 

  • Email 
  • Social Media 
  • Google Ads 
  • Powerhouse Marketing
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