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Back Pain Info Acquired at Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

Back Pain Info Acquired at Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

Back pain is one of the most common and disturbing physical problems people face, especially the working class. The people working in offices have to sit for long periods in a single posture, and the labor class has to pick up weight, so they usually have complaints of back pain. In this article will learn the causes, risk factors, and treatment at physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton.

Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton Providing Back Pain Info

It is a common misunderstanding that physiotherapy clinics will only provide treatment for back pain. But these facilities also provide vital information regarding back pain that is essential for everyone who wants a cure.

What are the Reasons for Back Pain?

There are several ways to determine what is the cause of back pain?. These include a physical examination, MRI, C.T. Scan, and X-ray. Once it is known that the patient is suffering from back pain, the examiner will understand the reasons behind this body issue through the tests.

1. Strain in the Muscles and Ligaments

As discussed in the above points, the laborers lift heavy weights, so; their backs suffer from strains in the ligaments and muscles. Even a little pressure can be very painful and cause intense back pain.

2. The Disk is Slipped or Ruptured

A disk is a soft cushion that is present in between two bones of the spine. Painful, shooting, and burning sensations are felt when even one of these disks is ruptured or slipped and touches or puts pressure on the nerves in the back. This cause is detected when the patient undergoes an X-ray, MRI, or C.T. scan.

3. Issues in Arthritis

When the spacing around the spinal cord narrows, the person also feels back pain since the nerves traveling along it get pinched or get added pressure. This condition is known as spinal stenosis. Sometimes, it affects the lower back, which is simple arthritis.

4. Osteoporosis of the Bones

Carrying hefty weights or improper nutrition can cause the backbone to become brittle, thus causing fractures. This condition is called Osteoporosis of the spinal cord. On other occasions, this issue can be in the lower back, as explained by experts at physiotherapy clinics, including Regenerate Physio.

Factors Increasing Intensity of Back Pain

The best physiotherapy facilities in Edmonton have trained professionals who know what factors affect back pain intensity. If you think that back pain only affects the elderly, then you need to check your facts. The following factors increase the chances of having back pain at any age.

  1. Exercises are a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle, and if there is an absence of it in your daily routine, then immobility can make the muscles and bones stiff, causing pain in the back.
  2. People who are suffering from psychological disorders like anxiety and depression will be at greater risk. One main reason is that the medication may contain chemicals and ingredients that intensify the pain.
  3. Individuals who have gained a lot of weight have to suffer from back pain. The heavyweight pressure they have put up has to be born by the back and spinal cord. This damages the spinal cord and causes pain.
  4. There are two main reasons why physiotherapists are against smoking when patients have back pain. The first one is that smoking reduces the blood flow in the body, and the second is consistent coughing can rupture the disk. 

What are Forward Physiotherapy Treatments in Edmonton?

When the patients are visiting physiotherapy clinics, therapists take down information regarding the issue. The following treatments are recommended after physically examining the patient and other diagnostic tests like C.T. scan, MRI, and X-ray.

1. Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses two techniques, including Focus and Radial shockwave therapy. It is best for stubborn pains and mobility issues that are concerned with the back. The stem cells are stimulated when sound waves pass through the tissues.

2. Spinal Decompression

This treatment option might seem painful, but on the contrary, it helps to relieve the pain. The patient is comfortably laid down on a table, and the head and feet are fastened with belts. A computerized system stretches the table and spinal cord.

3. IMS/ Acupuncture

The clinics offering physiotherapy in Edmonton also have another effective therapy to treat back pain. IMS or acupuncture is an ancient treatment that started in China. Special needles are inserted in the affected area like the back and spinal cord. Sometimes electromagnetic waves are sent through the needles to increase effectiveness. Next, we’ll look at some FAQs regarding back pain and physiotherapy, and we suggest you keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which physiotherapy is best for back pain?

Several types of physiotherapy in Edmonton can be applied, including shockwave therapy, IMS or acupuncture, exercises, and spinal decompression.

What should I do for lower back pain?

The best thing to do is visit a physiotherapy clinic and have a complete checkup to know the causes, risks, and treatment of your back pain.

How do you tell if lower back pain is muscle or disc?

It is difficult for you to know whether the back pain is a slipped disc or muscular pain. Only an expert physiotherapist can tell about it at clinics and other medical facilities.

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