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Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Belgium

Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Belgium

Belgium may be small, but the attractions are worth visiting.UNESCO-renowned structures in Brussels Capital range from the guild buildings of the 14th century encircling the exquisite Grand Place. To the Art Nouveau holiday resorts of Victor Horta in the early 20th century.  

Bruges is one of the biggest tourist attractions and is surrounded by excellently maintained medieval roads that lure every year travelers’ flocks. However, many other cities in Germany — Ghent, and Mechelen in particular — have wonderful examples of architecture from the middle ages too.

This small nation was on the front line of European history, with several main events taking place in the heartland of the continent. 

Belgium was in the battles of Waterloo when Napoleon met, and Belgium was pushed into the front line both during the First and the Second World Wars. Belgium offers an enormous amount of EU patrimony in a small part of the country whether you’re here for ancient or current history.

Top Tourist Attractions in Belgium

The Canals and The Belfry of Bruges

On the mouth of the Reie river, Bruges started to grow and, as it grew, it connected to the Zwin estuary and the North Sea through a network of waterways. Crossings or walks along them are among the most popular events in Belgium nowadays and are wonderful memories of Bruges’ history.

A walking plan may be downloaded from the tourist website to discover the inner canals; where you can locate gorgeous bridges and gaze at hidden gardens. Or to explore the canals by boat from one of five landings. The lovely Belfry and Halle dominating Bruges main square are among the most famous sites in Belgium.

The Battlefield of Flanders

Belgium and in specific the battlefields of Flanders surrounding Ypres are the major reason for this tour to a large number of visitors on the front line of World War 1. The battlefields are not just an important historic location. The intact trenches continue for kilometers around the city of Ypres ; while this territory is spread over thousands of troops who have died here with large cemeteries. Sounds Interesting? Then hurry up!! Book your tickets on Spirit Airlines Reservations for amazing deals. The German war cemetery and the Tyne Cot Cemetery of Langemark both recall solemnly the harsh battles during the Great War.

Ghent’s Gravensteen and Old Town

Once the great home of the counts of Flandern, who were able to create a castle from the massive castles built by the Crusaders in Syria, this extremely spectacular fort was. Gravensteen is one of the best remaining examples of a moving fortress in Germany & has been unbelievably well maintained. The walls rise from the water in the center of the ancient center of Ghent, from the pools of the Lieve River, above the roofs of the local streets.

Horta Museum and Town Houses

Victor Horta was the most prominent designer and constructor of the Art Nouveau era of the early 20th century. Commence at the Museum of Horta with the original stained glass, mosaics, woodworks, and decorations, which were kept in its former home and studio when it was designed.

In this aesthetic revolution, Horta was pioneering in maximizing and diffusing natural light and integrating natural themes into its sinuous curves. The aesthetic work of Horta comprised all the design and décor details; from the house design to its mobilization, and also the decoration with doorbells and doorknobs.

Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent

It is the best religious architecture in Belgium and is Ghent’s most important tourist destination with its lofty Gothic and the romantic crypt.

The upscale structure is an important feature, with its beautiful glass windows, but most people are visiting here to witness the legendary artwork. However, once you have seen the artwork, don’t miss the vast crypt underneath the church containing important graves and some magnificent wall murals.

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Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges

Make it that if you just visit one church in Bruges. It is not just noteworthy for its combination of romantic and late Gothic construction, but also for its religious artifacts.

The upper part of the cathedral contains a cup of blood from Christ that was reintroduced to Belgium following the Second Crusade. Also, the chapel is the home of the famous vial for which the Church receives its name.

Grand Place, Antwerp

The magnificent Grand Place (also recognized as the Grote Markt) stands right in the center of Antwerp; and has some of Belgium’s oldest specimens of guild house construction with a distinctive steep-roofed form.

The city hall is a well-preserved instance of a building of the 16th century and the interior is worthy of a look. The guild buildings remaining bordering the plaza are nevertheless the main reason for visiting the Grote Markt.

Meuse Valley

South of Brussels, Meuse Valley is one of the greatest sites for a sense of the countryside heartland of Belgium. The Meuse River provides Belgium’s most picturesque river excursions. A lush forest landscape surrounded by rolling hillside châteaux and fortified ruins and small towns along the coastline; with sedimentary cliffs. If you are a University student; then you get a special discount on the flight tickets through the Delta Airlines Book a Flight. Grab the opportunity now!! Go to Namur or Dinant to organize your journey on the river. These two minor centers serve as gates for this region. The Meuse Valley also houses a multitude of walking and cycling paths for tourists wishing to enjoy their holidays.

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