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Difference Between OEM V/s Non OEM Phone Batteries

Difference Between OEM V/s Non OEM Phone Batteries

Are you curious to know the difference between OEM V/s Non-OEM Phone batteries? In this 21 century, our demands are too much as compare to earlier. We were easily complete our tasks with normal cell phones but now we want our work done within few seconds. So technology evolves the Smartphone and we can do all work digitally and connect to each other around the globe. Using these smart gadget we can do shopping, listening music, video calling, payments, and many more but our mind always have a concern about battery backup. Every year the latest technology smart phones launched but at last, our issue is battery backup. As we use our phones extensively in day-to-day life. After some use when it drains too quickly then we are going to repair the shop for iphone SE battery and iPhone 7 battery replacement. We have two options for choosing the battery one is OEM and another is non-OEM batteries. In this article, we will discuss their characteristics and difference so that you will be able to decide that, which one is best to buy?

What is an OEM Battery?

OEM battery stands for an original equipment manufacturer. When we purchase our smartphone then we get an inbuilt battery. The manufacture configured the specification of the battery as per the requirement of your device. Mostly Batteries are made up of lithium-ion. This material supports your iPhone 7 battery backup and suitable for a day’s use. OEM battery manufacturer provides the same capacity of iphone SE battery backup as other batteries.

What is a Non-OEM Battery?

Non-OEM batteries manufacture by third-party manufacturers, not by the original ones. These batteries are the least effective as compare to OEM batteries.

Difference Between OEM and Non-OEM Battery:

1. The main difference between the OEM and Non-OEM battery is that OEM is of better quality battery backup as compared to Non-OEM battery.

2. Non-OEM battery offers less efficient battery quality to the user but OEM battery provides optimum results.

3. Anybody can easily find OEM batteries from their country’s top 10 brands but it is difficult to find the best battery backup of Non-OEM batteries.

4. If we talk about price then OEM batteries are costlier than Non-OEM batteries.

5. OEM batteries are built by high-quality material as compare to Non-OEM batteries. Due to usage of lower quality material in Non-OEM battery, it will not give efficient result to the user. After some months you have to go for the battery replacement for your iphone SE battery.

In my opinion, OEM batteries are better than Non-OEM batteries as they offer large battery backup. These batteries are compatible with all kinds of smart phones such as iphone and android. These batteries are easily available in the market but Non-OEM batteries are made by third-party manufactures and difficult to find for older version phones. OEM batteries are always best for purchasing a new one and for replacement if it is getting damaged.

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Important Factors to Consider in Order Making Our Battery Better Than Others:

1. Selecting High-Quality Electrode Materials:

Reduce the negative effect on the environment and community by increasing energy density. Rare earth elements, essential raw materials, and other sensitive materials are now used in batteries. Cobalt, nickel, manganese, and lithium are the most critical ones, as they all help the battery work well electrochemically. In the chemical industry, research is being conducted to boost the efficiency of the cathode material by doping it with Li-rich oxides to achieve the necessary capacities. For establishing cathode chemistries, cobalt content is mixed with manganese-cobalt cathodes. Because of the transition away from fossil fuels, these batteries will play a critical role in the coming years.

2. Implementing Self-Healing Mechanisms to Increase Battery Life:

Owing to electrochemical phenomena, degradation mechanisms that decrease battery efficiency over time are responsible for storing batteries and providing energy on demand. Batteries already power our mobile devices such as the iphone 7 battery, computers, laptops, power banks, and many others, but by the end of this decade, they will also be powering our cars and homes. Electric vehicles have become economically viable in the last ten years as lithium-ion battery capacity has increased and prices have decreased. It is critical that they perform utility-scale storage. The efficiency of these batteries will improve as performance and research on lithium-ion manganese oxide improve over time.

3. Reduce Costs by Creating a More Efficient Production Line:

The cost of a battery decreases steadily as demand increases. Using electricity from renewable energy sources is one critical and simple solution. Innovative solutions, such as the invention of a water-based method, are another option. Every year, new technology emerges, and advanced technology batteries become available. These advanced technology batteries allow you to work at a higher level than before. We can use our iphone, tablets, and car batteries for longer periods of time without having to charge them.

4. Ensure the Long-term viability and Profitability of Battery Production:

As the world’s population grows, it’s critical to speed up the deployment of batteries that meet our needs. Our manufacturing firms should be required to take action to create a renewable energy system. We must properly manage these electronic devices after buying them. As we all know, these devices lose their working productivity over time due to carelessness. The most significant aspect that plays a role in achieving the desired result is maintenance.

Final Words

I hope that after reading this post, you will have a better understanding of the differences between OEM and non-OEM phone batteries. We guarantee that if you follow all of the above suggestions, you can meet your target. The battery is an important component of many of our electronic devices, including tablet batteries, iPhone 7 battery, iPhone SE battery, and so on. Many of their jobs necessitate the use of batteries. You should go to the Esource Parts website to get a Phone Batteries, Google pixel battery replacement, a Samsung tablet battery replacement, an iPod battery replacement, or a Nintendo switch battery replacement. Don’t miss out on the latest deals and promotions by checking out now!      

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