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Digital Marketing Trends For Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing Trends For Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing trends continue to change in recent years. Hence, this continuous evolution has entered into an era of intensified personalization, automation, and technology. Therefore, Small size businesses have taken greater advantage of the trend.

As it becomes more affordable and applicable on a smaller scale after modernization. Also, 83% of small businesses believe that digital marketing is working adequately for them. Now, technological intervention is also driving the business goals and objectives.

Let’s discuss some of the digital marketing trends for small businesses this year.

1.      WiFi Marketing

Access to free public WiFi has become the new customer experience. Moreover, in under developing countries, the availability of WiFi in public spaces is increasing rapidly. It is the point where WiFi marketing has been initiated by digital marketers. Hence, it involves the provision of free connectivity to customers and taking leverage from them.

There is a number of proximity applications available in the market that regulates the cycle of WiFi marketing. Businesses usually install small routers near them. The core purpose of this router is to maintain connectivity. But it can also trace free-roaming signals in the business area and attract them.

For instance, a woman was searching for some baby products and came on the radar of our device. Our business is also selling baby products; it will pop up a message of exclusive baby products in our business. This is how it immediately attracts customers and increases the proportionality of lead conversion.

2.      AI in Digital Marketing Trends

AI is an essential part of digital marketing. Therefore, organizations use AI integrated tools in different aspects to cover almost all the domain requirements of marketing. The major contribution of AI to small businesses is the facility of comparison. The AI is not making decisions. Rather it is providing a comparison between different units. This comparison facilitates in taking smarter decisions; therefore, organizations are using it largely.

AI in Digital Marketing

The inclusion of AI has fastened the processes that exclude additional labor costs and quality glitches. The increased production capacity and appropriate strategies are the deadly combinations for the success of a business.

As AI can memorize statistics and measures, it can warn if a similar situation is being repeated.

3.      Smart Social Media

In recent years, social media marketing has become the major component of digital marketing trends for small businesses. The main for this can be the cost-effective nature and convenience of use. Businesses use social media for attracting larger segments. However, its effectiveness is still under doubt.

smart social media


There are too many social media channels to reach customers. Majorly the effectiveness of social media campaigns depends on the persona of the customers we target.

Despite all these debates, small businesses prefer the usage of social media, as we have observed in recent years.

4.      Personalization

The next era is the era of preferences, where electronic gadgets will have memory and remember everything. Even in the present time, our smartphone or email remembers everything. Whom we contact, whom we visit, our likes and dislikes, and many other things. It is no surprise that the data collected and stored in our devices are used for marketing purposes. The most common example of this is the email that we receive on leaving our cart abandoned.

It reflects a closer look or sneak into customer’s life and estimating the potential chances of lead generation.

From another aspect, it is customizing your shopping experiences more and more with time. Though, the majority of intellectuals are calling it a privacy breach and misuse of data.

5.      Local Service Ads

The local service ad is the biggest trend of the near future. The trend is getting instant popularity due to its customization and local nature. Every small business, either product selling or service-oriented, requires recognition from local individuals.

Google introduced a local ad service for this. You can connect with the natives and target customers near your organization by appearing when anyone searches for ‘near me’ business. The service is paid, but you’ll only pay them if that customer generates business. See the following image reflecting the search results of local service searched on Google.

Local service ads

6.      Agile Marketing

The agile framework has been evolved a lot since its initiation early in the decade. The structural and functional flaws of the framework are excluded for its better functionality. The agile marketing projects for small businesses are intended to focus on the larger segment and widespread audience.

This strategy has segmented larger campaigns into smaller pieces that exempt the need for advertisement experts. These smaller actionable pieces enable a business to imply and benefit from agile marketing without taking professional assistance.

The most distinct feature of this trend is that it facilitates scrutinizing work at every stage. In case of any flaw, it can be removed within the initial stage.

7.      Conversational Marketing

The pandemic has created a significant and direct impact on many life sectors, including marketing. The internet is flooded with users, and the number of brands increasing the competition. This increased competition and traffic hurdle marketers in providing customized and personalized shopping experiences to every individual.

The cross-app communication features launched by Facebook works as a savior and alive conversational marketing. The new feature can be utilized by small businesses and brands to communicate with their consumers and strengthen their brand loyalty and boost sales.

Conversational Marketing

In the near future, personalization will become key to distinct your brand from others, and customized communication skills will fall short. With the increase in conversational marketing, the usage of such features and applications will dramatically increase.

8.      Data Privacy

The increased demand for data privacy is also the part of digital marketing trend. Approximately 84% of the users are more concerned over their data privacy and desire to control their personal information usage.

With the enhanced usage of digital marketing by small businesses, the need for data protection and storage also increases with time. The secure and adequate sourcing and storage of data have become an integral part of successful marketing.

Therefore, in the near future, digital marketing and data security will require a similar amount of investment by small businesses. The survival in the current economy and the increasing demand for investment in this sector arise as a new challenge for small businesses.

9.      Google My Business

The Google My Business (GMB) is a new trend which facilitates you in moulding the appearance of your business on search engine. Many smaller-scale businesses are using it to give their business a more native look to grab the local audience. The ban on overseas transport and difficulty in reaching an international audience has reversed this trend.

With the increasing technological usage across the globe, the usage of GMB also increases. People are searching for businesses ‘near me’ to utilize services or purchase products. Almost 76% of the users who search near me shop also visits it. This increases the foot traffic and physical store purchase even more. Not only this, but it also creates a significant effect on web traffic and phone calls.

10. Ad-blocker

The recent trends are not only about attracting a larger targeted audience and reaching them. The ad-blocker trend is to make people watch your advertisement who are not willing to do so. Almost 27% of people use ad-blockers to avoid unwanted advertisements on social media. This has created a significant impact on the efficiency of social media ads. 

Therefore, a smaller business is moving towards the paid advertisement or PPC. The first step in this is to estimate the intensity or irritation of customers from your ads.

If they are using an ad-blocker or willing to quit the website because of ads, then there are many options left. For instance, you are providing dissertation help to them, and they are not watching your ad, you should restructure your ad campaign.

Wrapping it up

Digital marketing is the essential element of any scale of business across the globe. The increasing digitalization and rapid conversion from traditional to digital business is an increasing burden on digital marketing trends.

The latest trend of digital marketing is not only embedded with technological advancements. It is also effective by the long-term pandemic and curtailed business practices. Despite all the difficulties and financial hardships, small businesses are adopting digital trends at a much faster pace.

With the increasing adaptation of trends, privacy breaches and invading personal data are getting more common. Many new legislation and obligations are being imposed on an organization which increases the amount of investment in digital marketing.

Author’s Bio

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a blogger at Crowd Writer. The organization is famous for providing dissertations. She was associated with different marketing firms and is an expert digital marketer. Her passion and dedication are visible from her blogs.

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