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Elliptical Buying Guide: Choose the Right Elliptical for You

Elliptical Buying Guide: Choose the Right Elliptical for You

The elliptical trainer is one of the fastest-growing fitness categories. Elliptical training combines the best of climbing, cross-country skiing and running in low and varied work shifts. It is a very effective cross-training activity that can be performed by anyone, from beginner to elite athlete.

It is the cornerstone of the cardiovascular elliptical trainer today.

Buy your elliptical trainer

Before looking, think about the goals of your athletes and other potential athletes in your family. In most households, more than one person is likely to use the devices. Runners enjoy freedom of movement that completes their passage. Older users appreciate the brightness and freedom of movement.

Start shopping by browsing the site to find the gears that interest you. Find valuable brands via review websites, product reviews, and more. Visit manufacturers’ websites and even their Facebook pages to find out who is using their devices. Often the best brands make commercial equipment for gyms and sports clubs.

When you find a company that interests you, find out where to buy the equipment. Most of them can be purchased online from manufacturers’ websites or other stores and retail stores. For retail stores, the best equipment is sold in specialty sporting goods, not discount stores.

Think about the level of service you need. The highest level of service comes from the right dealer. It is often cheaper to buy it online, but you need to know more about the products you need in advance and you often have to find the equipment yourself when it arrives, although this varies by mall.


Authorized sports dealer. Make a list of local retailers who specialize in sports equipment and the brands that sell them. Many retailers only sell certain brands. That is why it is important to find out in advance. It is likely to have more qualified staff, better equipment, and the ability to assemble and serve your product more efficiently. Some have financial opportunities. Sometimes these providers also have relationships with personal trainers to help you get started with the program.

Test the devices. If you decide to buy it online, try testing your equipment with friends, at the gym, spa or hotel. The best manufacturers often sell commercial products, so you can find those devices elsewhere for hours. Remember, it’s not fair for retailers if you go to their store, take your time, and shop cheaper elsewhere.

When you go to the store be prepared to test the devices while you plan to use them. Almost all devices look and work if you try them for 5 minutes. It’s when you go through this phase in an elliptical trainer, use different programs, or train back and forth that you start to notice big differences in quality and comfort. Wear comfortable casual clothes and walking or running shoes.

You need it

  • Adjustable slope. This is a feature that makes this product a true elliptical trainer. Adjusting the angle changes the focus of the muscle groups and is a great way to add variety to your routine. This is a detectable value as the added variety can reduce attraction, increase motivation, and save the training platform from being hit.
  • Regular elliptical movement. The elliptical trainer motion provides the most accurate simulation of accessible non-impact walking and running. An important factor to consider here is the sense of movement. When multiple machines are moved, a “hit” occurs when the heel comes off the platform. You don’t feel a “kick” or “impact” in your movement. Look for a machine that offers a true pattern of back and forth elliptical motion.


  • Natural movement. How is the movement? This is an important question when testing an elliptical trainer. Does the product look smooth? You can only change it by testing different types. Practice with the device for at least 20 minutes. It is not necessary to bend over to complete range of motion or otherwise compromise position. Try different machines to find the most comfortable machine for you.
  • Adjustable resistance. Good electronically controlled devices will have ample resistance. Look for a system that makes resistance changes simple and intuitive, so that temporary exercises can be easily integrated into your routine.
  • Move back. The ability to move forward or move adds variety and challenge to training. This also reduces the risk of injury from repeated use by many climbers and treadmills. Most trainers have this option.
  • Quiet operation. Look (and listen to) a product that is ready and silent to use. A truly well-designed elliptical trainer should be relatively quiet at all intense levels.
  • Electronic functions. Many elliptical trainer has a number of features that attract customers, fans and interactions to show calories burned. Think about what’s important to you and how you want to use it. It is important to look for electronic features that are exciting and inspiring for you. Look for an electronic package that grows with you and meets the needs of many users.

Programming is a stimulus

The basic elements of the right site are: the final step, the steps and the slope. The goal of burning calories can also be very exciting. Think about additional information or features that will help you stay motivated every day. Other useful features include:

  • Impulsive interactions. Heart rate (HR) measurements are the most reliable indicator of progress and intensity. Everyone has an objective drive in which they can work. Too high and risk of injury. Too low and you won’t reach your goals. The best professionals have heart rate monitoring programs that change fitness variables by measuring your heart rate to make sure you stay within that range. Enter your desired heart rate and the machine will respond to it during your workout.
  • Selected and customized programs. One of the main reasons people drop out of the program is boredom. A product that offers multiple programs helps maintain a new and diverse program. A great feature is also the ability to tailor the program to your specific needs. Explore the program.


  • Personalized courses. The best products will remember your favorite exercises or you can create your own course. See the ability to create and maintain your own courses and replicate them again.
  • Easy to use. In the world of personal training over the years, we have found that the number of functions and buttons on electronic equipment is intimidating or frustrating for many users. This is another obstacle to regular exercise. The best products make it easy. It shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 steps to run the program. Look for an elliptical trainerwith a manual or “quick start”. These methods only require 1-2 keys and are on the way.
  • Long-term impact is the key to success in any educational program. If you find a product that can diversify and challenge your routine, you are more likely to be motivated and successful in achieving your goals. Moreover, Small adjustments to one or more of these variables will keep your routine fresh and demanding.

Safety and maintenance

  • Security features. Look for other security features that protect your device, such as when it’s not in use. The lock functions prevent the pedals from moving or starting the car.
  • Maintenance. Discover a free care product. A well-designed device is considered normal wear, so it’s not necessary.
  • Warranty. An elliptical trainer is an electronic device. Quality equipment is a long-term investment that sometimes requires maintenance when used regularly. Most quality drives offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. For other components, look for a warranty that offers a minimum of 1 year of operation and a minimum of 1-3 years of partial coverage. Furthermore, Ask about the parts covered. Make sure your warranty covers electronics and other important items.
  • Important: If you shop in a store, does the retailer you bought it from leave your service provider trained and authorized by the manufacturer to ship your device?
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