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Fun facts about items in custom cardboard boxes

Fun facts about items in custom cardboard boxes

Almost all items packs in custom cardboard boxes. Everything that we buy or use daily, wrap in some kind of packaging. Let us start with the first thing most Americans eat in the morning. It is cereal. As I open my kitchen cabinet, I see four to five types of custom cereal boxes in different flavors. Every morning I decide the flavor of my cereal according to my mood. As I open the cardboard boxes of my cereal box, I wonder if there was anyone in my class who knew that we derived the word cereal from CERES. She was a Roman goddess of agriculture. Though cereal remains a popular breakfast choice in America, we are not the only nation to consume it. Humans were already consuming it eight thousand years ago as well.

They packaged countless other products in printed cardboard boxes. Even lipsticks sale in lipstick boxes that are made from cardboard boxes. These attractive and sturdy boxes do more than simply protect the lipsticks inside. Complete product information related to lipsticks, their ingredients, their expiry date, weight, and other details share via custom lipstick packaging. So next time when you’re buying the most trending shades for yourself, read the information printed on these attractive boxes for lipsticks. When wearing the red lipstick to flaunt that pout remember to thank Queen Cleopatra, who used made red a fashionable color for lips. They considered even though red lipsticks to be worn by Satan worshippers at one point; they have stayed in fashion.

Uses of cardboard packaging

I also knew the Egyptians add gem powder to their lipsticks to add to their colors and make them appear more glamorous. Both men and women in Egypt liked to preen their beauties and wore lipsticks. The candle industry also used cardboard packaging boxes to pack their standard to luxury candles in these protective custom candle boxes made from cardboard stocks. Candles are not just used for accessorizing or decorating the space and rooms. We use in aromatherapy and light therapy as well. They placed each of the candles in its custom cardboard packaging developed according to needs.

They packed even the premium jewelry items in the cardboard boxes in the USA that are made from the sturdiest cardboard stocks. These boxes look like attractive gems themselves because of their impressive offset printing and exclusive finishes. These pretty boxes offer a unique unboxing experience to their recipients who film it and upload it on various social media platforms. Men and women have used jewelry since the beginning of civilizations to adorn themselves and to mark themselves as different from other clans. Throughout history, men and women have worn pearls, metals, premium gems, plants, and even live insects as jewelry. Even in the Victorian days, we stitched live beetles to clothes using fine gold threads. I am not sure what sort of cardboard boxes wholesale it would require today for live insect jewelry lovers.

Just like humankind has known jewelry since ever, we have been aware of skincare products as well. With time and modern technology, companies and brands developed various lotions and emollients. These lotions come in boxes for lotions, each targeting a different niche in the market. Some skincare companies research men’s skin, other companies study the skin of teens.

Quality Packaging

Doo printing is offering a broad variety of top-quality, customized cardboard boxes to get its clients. This time you can customize these boxes according to your requirements. You may even use these as presents for large public and personal usage. Thus, catch the gold chance by placing your order online now. Cardboard boxes wholesale suppliers provide quality products at highly affordable rates.
Besides offering packaging solutions for the goods, do printing now offers custom cardboard boxes for various purposes.

It’s possible to get these boxes which were created based on your specifications and requirements. You can use them for various purposes including present packaging, trade shows, conferences, conventions, etc. Cardboard boxes are useful for several, however, their signature look and feel caused them to be widely popular among people. Cardboard comes with an outstanding look and hence, is advised for packing.

You can use the Doo printer in scrutinizing your boxes, even because you’re able to make use of original materials such as vinyl, neoprene, PVC, paper, and lots more. If you have questions or queries regarding your order, you just need to contact us and we will provide you immediate help. Once we always wish to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, we will make sure your product reaches your time. So, get your boxes today and use your selection.

Ordering the perfect cardboard boxes wholesale

 All companies brand their boxes using creative themes and exclusive add-ons so that they are easily identifiable by their target audiences. If you are a brand searching for custom cardboard boxes wholesale for your products, then get in touch with ClipnBox, the packaging expert.

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