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Google Page Experience Update – Things to Do

Google Page Experience Update – Things to Do

Every person who has something to do on the computer or internet knows about the Google when it comes to Google Page Experience Update. Nearly 3.2 billion searches are done on Google every day. It is like the treasure of knowledge and information for the world now. Weather you intend to search something or you just press the keys unintentionally and randomly, Google will tell you the meaning of it and not just meaning but everything related to those random words that even do not make any sense to you.

Google has been serving the world since 1998 and now it has become an important part of everyone’s life. Although, there are competitors in the list also, but Google has a unique dominance on all others. This is an LLC company created under state law and it holds its own assets. Google is taking care of other businesses like social media agencies as it is the biggest search engine being used worldwide. But not just a software company, Google also started in hardware as well with the successful products like Google Pixel 5 and other smart phones.

Nearly a crew of 140 hundred thousand is providing the services nearly to 7 billion people. The main industries of Google are internet, cloud computing, computer software and hardware’s artificial intelligence and advertising. So, briefly this is Google, and it is taking care of users as much as it can. Therefore, user experience is also very important for Google. Before going into Google page experience update, let us discuss about user experience (UX).

User Experience (UX):

Simply saying, user experience is the response of a person when he uses a product of a company. According to ISO, it includes all emotions, responses and the feeling of a person before and after using a product. This practice is in common for nearly hundred years ago. The initial age of machines is when the industries started focusing on the behavior of their customers. Now, the importance of user experience cannot be ignored as the technology is growing up further. The interaction between the computer and human is increasing.

People can approach a variety of desired product within no time. It saves energy and time consumption. So, internet and websites have increased the importance of user experience like none other. Businessmen prefer websites rather going on site for their deals. There are various factors which include in user experience; FAQ frequently asked questions and different surveys and feedback options which can explore the feelings of users.

Google Page Experience Update:

Considering the importance of user experience, Google has decided to consider it in the factor of ranking system of site. You may know very well about the importance of search engine results. More than 90 percent of the people do not go on the second page of the result. So, high in the ranking of Google means high earning and high publicity, and this is indeed a good news for the users that they should know that their feelings actually matter.

Thanks to Google and the Google page experience update that is very keen about the goodness of users. It will promote the quality consciousness in the web world. Google page experience update will be released in June 2021 and will be in complete working in August 2021. So, we have a plenty of time now to take user experience into our major considerations and avoid all factors that produce a negative impact on users. Now, let us discuss the important things we should do to improve ease of users.

Things To Do For Google Page Experience Update:

Following are the steps shared by a dissertation help firm that consist of technical and moral reforms which will affect the rankings.

Loading Performance:

Loading performance of the page is the first thing that the user has to face. Google page experience update states that the largest content full paint LCP should occur in less than 3 seconds from the start of the loading. Better the loading performance, better will be the user experience.


Delays and waits are not appreciated anywhere in the world. In fact, the most irritating and difficult thing for a person is to wait for something. So, the first input delays FID should be less than hundreds milliseconds.


The apparent stability of the web site should be good. There should not be more frame rate loses. It can damage the eyesight of the user. In terminology, it is known as cumulative layout shift CLS. This shift should be less than 0.1 in general.


To examine how your site performance is going on, you can use different available tools like chrome experience, different search consoles, JavaScript, web vital extensions, light house and many other.

Friend Indeed:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You should be taking care of the problems which users are facing. As now mobile phones are the basic need of humans, so your website should be very easy to use on all mobile devices.

Safety Comes First:

As humans and animals get sick, your data and websites can also have bacteria or we can say malwares. There should be enough measures to ensure malware free site. Once, God forbid, a user gets a virus from your site, it would be useless weather he cures it or not, it is a sure thing that it produced a negative impact on his/her mind. This is against the instructions given in Google page experience update.


You can use many languages to develop your web site pages. Google page experience update would specially notice that weather your page can successfully use a secure HTTPS connection or not. For those who are not aware of this term, http is the protocol that manages the data communications all over the world, and https is its extension to check the provided security.

Third Party Interference:

Google page experience update also emphasizes on avoiding third party interferences on your page, like the ads and pop ups. All this content disturbs the user a lot. They hate the sticky ads as it hinders their progress. So, make sure that you avoid this.

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