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How a Pallet Racking Can Take Your Storage to the Next Level

How a Pallet Racking Can Take Your Storage to the Next Level

Over time, even a small storage room requires organizational measures to streamline the product stacking. When choosing a method for their placement, it’s necessary to consider the principles of optimal use of space, safety and convenience of work. Thanks to the knowledge of the rules for the correct location of the goods, the entrepreneur will be able to protect his employees and increase the effective warehouse area.

In the warehouse, pallet racking systems effectively organize the space for the correct storage of various types of products. The need for such an element of warehouse furniture is in different companies and firms. To choose the right type of rack, you need to find out the features of the use of pallet racks.

The main function of such warehouse furniture is to store goods regardless of parameters, including barrels, rolls, boxes, pallets of all types, etc. Products on pallet racks place on special pallets. Front-end racks are the perfect choice for warehouses of wholesale and retail enterprises, logistics centers, temperature warehouses that are heated or cooled depending on certain storage conditions.

Here we discuss how pallet racking can take storage space to the next level.

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Advantages of Pallet Racking System

This type of stacking assumes the presence of special shelves in the warehouse. Also, to work with high racks, you’ll need special equipment. Stacking on low shelves is very convenient for small items that can be handled by hand. Multilevel high racks are a good option to place goods on pallets. In warehouses, mechanized structures are often found that independently move goods along the shelves.

Conventional pallet racking: the universal storage system for palletized goods

Benefits of Pallet Racking Systems

  • It optimizes the storage space by saving up to 50% of the volume intended for storage.
  • It’s convenient to use lifting warehouse transport.
  • It also provides simultaneous and permanent access to all groups of goods.
  • There is a huge versatility of use. Hence, it’s suitable for any warehouse.
  • Pallet racking is ergonomic and convenient equipment for companies with a large commodity turnover and a diverse assortment. The visibility of goods is excellent. Therefore the inventory of the nomenclature will place at high speed.
  • They’re easy to install and disassemble in a short period of time. It’s possible to redevelop the warehouse so that each unit is available for warehouse equipment.
  • This warehouse furniture allows you to control the number of goods using certain markings, to quickly process products in the warehouse.
  • They cost less than other types of rack equipment.
  • The range allows you to find the ideal model and configuration for a warehouse of any size and design.
  • The design is ideal for a retail or wholesale warehouse, industrial plants, private areas, factories, factories and workshops.
  • Varieties of shelving allow each client to choose the option that suits him. The parameters depend on the area of the room, the load that the pallets must withstand, and the amount of cargo to be placed.
  • At the enterprise, both manual work and the use of equipment that interacts with cargo can be organized. Pallet racks allow you to fully optimize the space and fill all the shelves. At the same time, products do place at different levels. This allows you to comply with storage conditions, based on the specific characteristics of the product.

Installation of the Racking System

The design of the front racks is reliable and easy to assemble. Traverses, frames, and vertical racks are the main components of pallet racking systems. These features with a required number of shelves and for a certain length of rows. The height of such sections is easily adjustable and sometimes reaches twelve meters. For the stability of the front shelving system, the screws and anchor bolts are an excellent choice.

Generally, installation work handles by professionals. An expert of the racking system knows how to install and attach it to the floor. So, it provides the maximum of benefits to your warehouse

How to Prepare Pallets for Rack Assembly?

When choosing one method or another, you need to take into account the packaging of the goods and their dimensions. Here is a list of the most common cargo stowage options are Bulk, Shelving, Stackable, Specific styling, and Suspended. Before thinking over the design of the future rack, and even more so to assemble it, it’s necessary to carry out some preparatory work. It’ll be convenient to do any place, including in the garage or workshop.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Handling Pallets

  • Step 1: Cleaning the surface from dirt and dust, as well as rough areas of wood. For this, it’s better to use a sander. Be sure to wear gloves, a face shield, and goggles to prevent sawdust from injuring your hands or getting into your eyes.
  • Step 2: Rough processing brings the wood to a smooth state. It is convenient to do this with fine sandpaper. Thoroughly sand all pallet surfaces that will “face” outward. It’s not necessary to sand the inside of the pallets. To simplify the work, the sandpaper wheel can be put on the same sander.
  • Step 3: If the rack will be located outdoors or in a room with low temperature or high humidity, you need to treat the wood with a special moisture-repellent and antifungal impregnation. There are transparent or colored options – choose at your discretion.

Wrapping Up!

When choosing pallet racking for a warehouse, it’s necessary to have a good idea of the cargo of what mass will be stored on them. If the exact weight of the goods is unknown, it’s better to buy racks with a certain margin of carrying capacity because exceeding the set load is fraught with rapid wear of the rack structure, and in some cases leads to deformation of the rack system and damage to the racks.

The calculation of the carrying capacity when designing racking systems for storing pallets is based on the average weight of pallets and their number. The design of pallet racks allows for very flexible planning of the racking system and creates an optimal project for any task and any size of the warehouse.

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