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How Can You Expand Kitchen Space Despite Bulk Kitchen Stuff?

How Can You Expand Kitchen Space Despite Bulk Kitchen Stuff?

We are in the second phase of lockdown and there is no respite from the restrictions just yet. Without any access to malls and limitation of slots on deliveries of online grocery, many of us have groceries stocked up for at least a month. This gives rise to the obvious storage problem. And with all the bulk bought groceries lying around in the kitchen, one might become anxious.

It is important to understand that during this temporarily tough time, people are just buying consumables in bulk; there is no enhancement in the kitchen’s non-consumable capacity. This implies that just 40-50% of kitchen storage is getting affected, that people normally keep space for, just for a month. Hence, doubling this means the problem is just for an additional 25% extra storage space. Here are some tips on how to expand Kitchen Space:

Making the maximum use of Kitchen Space

  • Make Your Space Work Harder by Neat Stocking

During ordinary days, we keep our consumables somewhere here and there in the drawers and cabinets. But with the extra items that you have bought due to the lockdown, we urge you to be mindful of the space available. These should be arranged tightly and nicely row-wise in cabinets and drawers. You will be surprised at the number of packets that can stack up against each other in one drawer!

  • Make the Kitchen Space Count by Using the Right Containers and Packing

Storing snacks like biscuits, chips, cereals, etc, in their original containers takes up a lot of space that we don’t realize quite a lot. Transfer all these items into airtight containers for making sure they remain fresh and you can stock those boxes one on top of the other. There are unnecessary huge packs of cornflakes and other pulses. Make use of the air tight jars for moving the contents into and throw away with bulky carton boxes that irreverently occupy space.

  • Optimally Make Use of Your Fridge Space

Thinking that you can comfortably store food for a couple of weeks, you bought your fridge. But none of us imagines that we would face something like this. This could be like up your kitchen organization game with storing food in your fridge optimally. You can utilize seal and lock bags as well as containers for storing frozen foods or cut vegetables. Like this, you will be able to store much more than you normally can and fit more into the space available.

  • Free Up Space by Storing Potatoes and Onion Together

You might have separate wicker baskets for potatoes and onions but this is not the right time to block that space. You can free up one basket by mixing potatoes and onions. Also you can store other things in the space that is now available by doing this.

  • Use the Top of Your Fridge

On the top of your fridge is very useful hack storage. For heavy-duty things, this might not be a great idea but your knick-knacks can go there. Items like light crockery, utensils that are rarely used and similar other things can go on the fridge top. You must assure you are concerned about ventilation and are not blocking that.

  • Use Your Cabinets Top or Loft Space

Everyone loves a little extra space so most of us opt for loft storage in kitchens these days. So, move less frequently used items like crockery for parties, decorative casseroles and fine China cutlery to some other room, or in the loft for some time. As a result, this will give you real additional space for more storage. Move some items to the top of your cabinets, if you don’t have a loft!

  • Use a Sideboard Space

We take back small items like pickles, salt & pepper to the kitchen once used at the dining table. Few of these regularly used items can be kept either at the dining table or on the top of the sideboard to free some space from the kitchen. It will help you in your kitchen organization and will create more space for other things in the kitchen. Table mats frequently used cutlery and soup bowls can be moved to sideboards.

  • Move Non-Essential Items – Plants to Windowsill, Decorative Crockery to Storage

The kitchen windowsill is the ideal space for your potted friends you can move them all together and make some space for other things. A windowsill, bottles and cleaning agents can be kept. Thus, in this way you can free up some counter space that is generally occupied by these items. You cannot have guests over for a while, so your decorative China can go into the cupboards.

More Storage Addition

  • Addition of Racks from Other Rooms

Standalone storage units used at home and corner units can be kept on the kitchen counter or the floor. It is very useful as it provides additional space for temporary periods and still keeps the kitchen organized and look clean and tidy. If you have a bookshelf you can move it inside or next to the kitchen. A large number of groceries can go there. If you are having empty boxes or crates of bottles lying around then this is the time to put them to use.

Use of Knick-Knacks to Store/ Organize

  • Installation of Hooks

The space that we tend to ignore and waste the most is the vertical space. During this lockdown, your kitchen walls can prove to be quite useful. This is the time to raise your kitchen organization bar with rods and hooks on the walls. You can hang grocery bags or store other items which do not require refrigeration on these rods and hooks. This can be useful while you are cooking and can even become a great storage space for some time.

  • Utilization of the Dado Space

Backsplash can be used now. Pick some hooks of stick-on types available at home and stick them on the backsplash up. Hang your spatulas and everyday mugs on these. With this kitchen organization hack, you can free up enough storage space in drawers and cabinets.

  • Addition of Space to Cabinets Doors

Lots of small storage solutions or small big holders and accessories are there, which can be kept hanging on the kitchen base door while working. To your kitchen added storage, this can be a temporary addition that is very good. You should stock up on these if you do not have them at home.

So in the end, to sum up, we must say that in our busy lives where we don’t have time to eat together, the coronavirus pandemic has brought everyone together for all three meals. So eat healthily, stay safe and live to tell this story!


Kitchen organization naturally comes to most of us but for some of us; it just overwhelms quite a lot. And with all the bulk bought groceries lying around in the kitchen, one might become anxious. Follow these steps to efficiently use and expand kitchen space efficiently.

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