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How Long Should an Average Stand-Up Desk Be?

How Long Should an Average Stand-Up Desk Be?

From past couple of years, standing desk has started gaining popularity in many workspaces. Due to this worker can do their work more comfortably? The use of a stand-up desk also reduces the risk of sedentary life and increases daily activity. But the major problem with these desks is that they don’t provide an ergonomic atmosphere to their users. So, it becomes very important that the height of the standing desk is adjustable or not. It may happen incorrect height may lead to discomforts like body, neck, or back pain. So, it’s more important during using a stand-up desk to adjust the height for your sitting & standing position and get a comfortable environment. 

Therefore, using a stand-up desk is not sufficient until you don’t aware of it completely. The important fact is that the height of the standing desk should meet the requirement of the user’s height. So always read the guidelines and follow them step by step to meet the height criteria. Improper height of the desk can spoil the posture of the human body and develop major issues. 

If your desk is short; then you have to bend yourself for long hours that can lead result in restriction of blood flow. And high desk, make you work with extended arms that causes shrugged and pain in your shoulder. So wrong use can lead to many discomforts including wrist, hand, back, and shoulder pain. A too low desk can cause many health issues in the human body. To reach your mouse and keyboard you need to bend yourself to an extreme level. And this can also become a reason for hunchback which is so awkward. 

Benefits of Ideal Desk Height are

If your work is correct in an ergonomic way then you are going to get a lot of health benefits from it. And can protect you from pain or further surgeries. Let’s have a look at the incredible benefits of using an ideal height desk.

  • One of the important facts about the ideal height desk is it gives you a proper L- shape to your elbow while typing. It is beneficial in both positions while you are sitting or standing. Too short and long heightened people have to face many difficulties while using desks. But this desk will offer you a more relaxed typing position & reduce the stress of the wrist.
  • A standing desk allows you to adjust the height upward; helps you to keep your neck in a neutral position. The best thing is that your eye will fall at the top of the screen which prevents you from bending your neck. It will provide enough space to your arm so that you can get rest and stretch your arms. Additionally, it removes the pressure on your neck and spine.

For people who are already using a standing desk and it is not matching with your height; you can use a monitor arm or trackless keyboard tree for fixing.

Easy Steps You Need to Follow to Correct the Height

A properly well-settled stand-up desk lets you do the work in the way you want to be. An ergonomic environment helps users in several ways while working. Here, are some pointed steps that you should follow for getting an ideal height desk. Keep in mind that you need to follow the instruction while using a height-adjustable table.

  • Stand straight on the floor and keep them near to your side with relaxing mode.
  • For keeping your forearm parallel with the floor tries to put your arm straight at a 90-degree angle.
  • Adjust the height of the desk so that your finger can reach the keyboard gently.
  • Take care that your neck remains in a neutral position so you can prevent developing health issues.

Why You Must Buy a Height Adjustable Desk?

As discussed above, it clear that height adjustable desks have amazing benefits. This will make you experience many things and let you work in your comfort zone. During work-time you may get enough space to stretch yourself; also get ample options to place the height of a desk. While working you can also sit and stand easily and arrange the position of the desk accordingly. That means you can easily switch quickly and save your expensive time. Technically these desks are featured with various advanced technology and one can easily swap the height by touching one button.

In the end, it is necessary to take a break within a given time and keep stretching yourself in the right way. This will prevent many thrive health issues in the life of a worker. Try to maintain a balance between standing and sitting also take care of your position in both ways. Standing desks help to provide the perfect height to their users. It also increases the activity in the human body and encourages them to work efficiently within their comfort zone. Withstanding goal features you will also get the added benefit that is desk exercise. It will release the stress of extra work and you can concentrate more on your work.

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