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How to fix Windows Update Error 0x80070490?

How to fix Windows Update Error 0x80070490?

The error code 0x80070490 indicates a damaged file or procedure in Component-Based Servicing or in Computer Component Store. The two services have a responsibility to perform and monitor all Windows related update operations. Any corruption or damage in their files can cause the Windows Update component to be treated.

Downloading Windows 10 updates is very essential if you want to maintain your system security, but some users have complained about error code 0x80070490 while downloading Windows 10 updates. We understand your problems in manually troubleshooting the error and therefore subtly work on perfect technical support.

Causes That May Generate Error Code 0x80070490

  • Third-party antivirus causes a conflict that prevents the update from installing.
  • Damaged files in System Component Store or in Component-Based Service
  • Some services required for Windows Update are disabled manually.
  • Corrupted in the registry files.

Resolution to fix error 0x80070490 in Windows 10

Solution 1: create a new local account

  • Generate a new local account with administrator rights
  • Move your personal files and documents to a new account
  • Delete your previous account and switch to a new account
  • After switching to a new account, add your Microsoft account to it.

After this, error code 0x80070490 should be resolved. But if the error still persists then try the next resolution step.

Solution 2: Run the update troubleshooter

If you are working in the Windows 10 Creators Update, you can use a troubleshooting tool called Windows troubleshooter.

Follow these steps to run this troubleshooter in Windows 10:

  • Click on Settings
  • Select Update & Security> and click Troubleshoot
  • Click Windows Update and select Run the troubleshooter
  • Follow the onscreen guidelines
  • Restart your system

Solution 3: Run the SFC scan

The SFC scan has no user edge, so you need to control it with the command prompt. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Click the Search option, select the cmd type and start the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Enter the following line, then press Enter
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Restart your system

Solution 4: Perform Deployment Image & Servicing Management

Deployment Image & Servicing Management is another troubleshooting tool, however, it is the most useful tool. So, if the previous troubleshooters didn’t fix the problem or don’t know the process of running DISM, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Search option, click on cmd and then start with the command prompt as administrator.
  • Go to the Search option, click on cmd and then start with the command prompt as administrator.
  • Enter the given command in the command dialog
  • In case of Deployment Image & Servicing Management cannot obtain files online, try using your installation DVD or USB.
  • Make sure to replace the path “C: RepairSourceWindows” of your USB or DVD

Solution 5: Delete the user ID storage from the registry

  • Open the Registry Editor by clicking Windows Key + R and Enter regedit.
  • Click OK to open the Registry Editor.
  • When the Registry Editor starts, you need to refer to the given key
  • Now you need to find keys. We have to indicate that this is just an example and the keys are most likely the same size, but the name of the keys will not be exactly the same.
  • Choose all these keys and then delete them.
  • Disable Registry Editor and reboot your system, one is done.

Solution VI: Check if Cryptographic, BITS, MSI Windows Update and Installer Services are running

  • Click Windows Key + R and Enter services.msc.
  • When the Services window starts, look for the given services such as Cryptographic, BITS, MSI Installer and Windows Update. Make sure these services function smoothly.
  • If one or more services don’t work, make sure you start them by choosing the service and clicking Start the service.

Solution VII: Delete the Software Distribution folder

But before we delete this folder, we need to disable the WU service by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Search option, enter services.msc and then go to Services.
  • In the Services list, look for Windows Update.
  • Right-click and click Properties, then select Disable.
  • Restart your system

Following with the given step-by-step solution given above on how to fix Windows 10 Update Error Code, hopefully you will be able to fix the problem without any problem.

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