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How to Hire Remote Web App Developers in 2021

How to  Hire Remote Web App Developers  in 2021

How do you hire a remote web app developer when you have a multi-thousand dollar project on the line?

What are some pros and cons that you should be aware of?

Hiring is considered an art and science both, where there is always more to meet the eye. This article will share how you can hire the right web app developer in 2021 and what aspects you should know before doing so.

Want to be equipped with the right skill and knowledge to hire the ideal app developer? Cost, Timing, and the product itself are the three key elements to triumph in a product launch or for a start-up. A mistake that most teams often make is that they end up hiring the wrong developer due to various factors discussed further in this article. These teams cannot evaluate high levels of risk in a project. They are also unable to carry out their idea correctly. These underdeveloped teams make companies fail and waste hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars in the process. That’s why we’ve to introduce you to the things that matter when hiring remote web app developers. We’ll first get started with the big picture to introduce you to SIX things to look at when hiring a web app developer.

Competition in this field is highly excessive; Loads of people are competing. You can easily find all these developers with a simple query on Google for Web App Developers or take the usual hiring prospect from freelancing sites. But here’s the catch, developers selling their services are often inept in knowledge and lack professional experience. Moreover, hiring from freelancing sites is always a hit and trial. One never knows how capable the person hired is. The actual problem behind a failed idea is that companies employ cheap Labour. Due to these incapable and incompetent teams, companies face disappointment and under-deliverance.

However, there aren’t many developers that one can consider significant. Most are mediocre. The factors failing a particular project are:

  • Poor execution and implementation
  • Serviceability or quality issues
  • Lack of technical analysis and analytical ability to solve problems
  • Insufficient budget to sustain the whole project and many more.

Developers have a direct connection and impact on the reasons mentioned above. So evaluating competent factors for the development of a company is incredibly important. When doing so, there are few areas of competence to look at. 


Product development and hunting are the critical elements to saving time and money and launching the right product with high demand and less competition. The right approach to product development can save you time and money while helping you to build a product that can succeed in the market if you find a developer that tries to sell you on creating a feature-rich, complex product that will take a lot of time and money to build, run! Business is about taking risks. A developer with experience and will to act in different circumstances isn’t afraid to say no to you. Their main aim is to make your product successful. These developers will most likely tell you to get rid of some features to get your product built faster and on the market sooner. 

Design Process

Depending upon the developer’s personality, let’s say if the developer is a fine liner who dreams and imagines on a higher level, then your developer is most likely to focus on designing the app for a greater amount of time. Thus, it’s critical to look at your developer’s design process. Okay, let’s be honest. Developers sometimes don’t even have a design process. Some of them outsource the design process, which is fine if they know what they are doing.

 Still, some imprudent candidates designed the app themselves without a bonafide and orthodox process. A developer without a design process or working on the design themselves without professional help, once again, run! UI and UX is an essential piece of your app, and if done improperly, you are setting your app up for failure.

Development Process

To exceed your expectations, you need a proper process, method, and strategy while launching your app. The product’s future depends on the development process or strategy built by the developer. The two principal software development methodologies today are Waterfall and Agile Development. The waterfall model is where each phase of a product’s life cycle takes place in a sequence. The process flows in the same manner as a waterfall i.e: flows downward steadily.

 Agile takes an iterative approach to software development. Instead of handling all the planning upfront, Agile focuses on being lean and producing Minimum Viable Products, MVPs, over a set period while improving each iteration.

 These methodologies have advantages and disadvantages, but our advice to you is to go for Agile instead of Waterfall as it provides an excessive amount of benefits than the other. However, if the developer you are planning to engage does not have a transparent process for development, use your horsepower and run!


Behind a successful and excellent result, there is always a team. A team can evaluate and have different mindsets and opinions regarding the product. These different mindsets help to increase the liability of a product. Having a company which only provides you the developers means you’ll  have to hire external designers, a UX company, and so on. These teams being new to each other will have to find a consensus daily.

A solid team is like a well-oiled machine with everything in place and working together seamlessly. These proficient members in your group can provide you with an awe-inspiring future.

  • Designers
  • Backend developers
  • Frontend developers
  • Project manager

Cost and Location

Onshore versus offshore. The cost of capital should be the main idea here, the required return necessary to do a capital budgeting project. Where your developer affects not only the pricing but also the service you’ll get too. The factor cost is superior of them all and is the most cared for element. Sometimes even more than the quality itself. Even though the price is essential, quality could be the best way for you to reduce cost. Why do we say so? Because a broken and buggy app, even if it costs only $20,000, is expensive because you’ve wasted $20,000. In comparison, a fully functioning app that drives real business value and grows a company could be worth millions of dollars.


Experience, extensive track record can be the key element of hiring a developer.Hardworking and true dedication can be the paramount for making the right choices. Research about their experience and previous jobs, find reviews and testimonials. Do not just look at the portfolio; instead, check their quality of work by going through their apps.

Now, over to you. With the help of sites like CodeInterview, you would now be able to test your prospect candidates before assigning them the project. They go on full throttle to completely ruin your Web apps due to the developers’ incompetency and inability to deliver. Good luck with hiring the cream of developers available in 2021!

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