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How To Launch A Bike Taxi App Swiftly In 2021?

How To Launch A Bike Taxi App Swiftly In 2021?

On-demand taxi booking apps are already ruling the market through their presence. Taxi apps like Uber, lyft and OLA are trending among people, and it is considered an ideal option for people to schedule their rides. On the other hand, we have bike taxi apps emerging at a steady pace. 

Unlike taxi booking apps, bike taxi apps provide a platform for people to hail rides on bikes. When travelling to long-distance places, it is outstanding to go by taxis, but it is a little expensive for covering short distances. This was when the bike taxi apps came into the picture.

Currently, bike taxi apps are gaining immense popularity among people as they are easily accessible and affordable. Are you willing to enter into this bandwagon with a robust application?

This blog will help you with every insight you need to know about a Baxi taxi app

What is a bike taxi app, and how does it work?

Hailing a bike taxi is as simple as hailing a cab. The users can request a ride through the app by mentioning their destination. The app will assign the nearby rider to the user. This is an excellent option as it is easy and accessible when compared to taxi cabs. Because bikes are easy to ride during traffic congestions and people can reach their destination in a short duration.

Working model of a bike taxi app 

  • The users can download their apps from the App Store or Play store. They can register and sign in using their email address, contact number and passwords.
  • Through a bike taxi app, the users can enter their location and request a ride.
  • The app will connect the users with nearby rides. 
  • The users and rides will communicate through the app.
  • At the end of the trip, the users will pay using a feasible payment option.  

Key players in the bike taxi market 

While discussing the bike taxi market, it is essential to know the key players of the market. Some of the famous bike taxi apps globally are as follows.


It is one of the most popular on-demand bike taxi apps globally. Initially, it started its services with just twenty bikes. But currently, it has spread its wings to several parts of the world. 


The Rapido bike taxi app is available in many parts of India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, etc. The app is quite popular among people. Within a short span, the app generated INR 1.5 crores in 2019.

Uber moto

Uber, the pioneer of taxi booking apps, stepped into the bike taxi apps in 2016. Currently, Uber moto is operated in 16 Indian cities. 

OLA Bike 

Unlike other taxi apps, OLA also started its bike taxi app in 2016. At present, OLA runs its operations in around 150 cities in India. 


It was launched in 2012 and currently offers a plethora of services to people like logistics and transportations. Grab is notably regarded as the best bike taxi app in Southeast Asia as it connects millions of users with drivers.

How to develop a bike taxi app? 

It is always necessary for businesses to go with the demand and trends. In recent years, we could witness an incredible surge in bike taxi apps. More than taxis, people prefer bikes to travel within the cities as it is easy, convenient, and safe to travel during heavy traffic. 

So, it will be a wise choice for you to launch your bike taxi app in this scenario. For developing your bike taxi app, you can approach app development companies known for ready-made clone apps. These ready-to-launch cloned apps are cost-effective and can be launched in the market in no time. 

What are the cutting-edge features of a bike taxi app?

Bike taxi apps consist of three modules – User app, rider app and admin panel.

Features of the user app 

Easy bookings

A user-friendly app should have a simple structure with an easy registration process. As a result , the users will prefer your apps to book their rides.

Real-time tracking 

The app should be in-built with GPS navigation for the users to track their rides and location. But, on the other hand, it should also update the users with the location and time of arrival.

Multiple payment options

Understanding the current financial transactions requires more than one payment option for the users to pay for their ride.

Ratings and feedbacks 

This is one of the great features which will help you gain more attention from the users. Moreover, the users will be given a chance to voice out their feedback and review.


The app will keep the users updated with notifications regarding SMS and emails regarding their trip details. 

Features of the driver app 

Online/offline options 

Through this option, the drivers can control their availability status through online/offline toggle.

Pay-out option 

This feature provides various options for the drivers to select their mode of receiving payment. 


The in-built GPS navigation will help the drivers to track the location of their customers in real-time. 


The app will send notifications regarding the trips, offers, and various other alert messages.

Features of the Admin panel 

  • The admin dashboard will provide the statistics and records of the business operations. The admin will get an overview of the functions of the app.
  • The app will also manage the drivers and users by tracing their ride history, commission rates, and payouts.
  • The admin panel also controls the information about the vehicles. 

Wrapping up,

Bike taxi apps have garnered over critical reception from users for their straightforward operations and functions. However, unlike taxi apps, these bike taxi apps also help users primarily by scheduling their rides. 

There are several app development companies with expertise in developing taxi and bike taxi apps. As an entrepreneur, it will be the right choice for you to kick-start your business.

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