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How to launch an on-demand taxi app in Brazil?

How to launch an on-demand taxi app in Brazil?

When you are planning to offer a business solution, you will first examine whether people are in need of this solution, right? A business solution that doesn’t address the demand of users doesn’t carry any purpose, right? Okay! As the caption stated, this blog will discuss the launch of an on-demand taxi app in Brazil.

Now, you might pose a question on why, specifically Brazil. Yes, I can hear you saying that. Here is the answer- As stated, you can succeed in a business if and only if there is a never-ending demand for that product or service. Similarly, ride-hailing services are in high demand in countries like Brazil, which is a hub for tourists.

Brazil is a famous tourist destination, where tourists keep visiting the country throughout the year. Without any second choice, tourists will look for taxi services to move from hotels to other places. So, the increasing demand for taxi services in Brazil resulted in many taxi service providers, like Uber, 99taxis, Va de taxi, Safertaxi, etc. 

Other than tourists, the other population of Brazil is dependent on private taxi services to commute to work, etc. Move on to the further segments of this blog to get complete guidance to start a taxi business in Brazil.

How to thrive in the competition-rich taxi business?

Show up your unique selling points

If there are challenges, then there will be solutions too. The solution to moving up among your business competitors is to propose your unique selling points. Simply starting out a taxi business and indulging in promotional activities will not fetch you with users. The uniqueness in your brand is all that matters for your users. 

For instance, if your services are affordable and timely when compared to other taxi providers, then it is a unique selling point. If you provide a range of cars, then it is a unique selling point. Thus, unique selling points are not just about differentiating your services from others but also that add value to your users.

Offer convenient options 

In general, people stick with taxis rather than public vehicles as the former is convenient. So, they will definitely expect more facilities from your taxi services. For example, facilitating your users to book different types of cars based on their needs will be convenient for them. People who wish to travel in large groups will prefer spacious cars, while daily commuters will prefer small/economic cars.

Most importantly, your taxi services must be accessible to every individual. For example, your taxi should be accessible to handicapped people or mothers who travel with babies, etc. 

Always have plan B

Providing ride-hailing services can be your mainstream business. In order to thrive in the competitive market, you must always have a backup. In addition to the ride-hailing services, you can include bike taxi services, especially smart bikes. Of course, tourists will prefer riding smart bikes on their own and explore different places. 

A smart bike with a GPS facility will allow users to easily find the route and reach the destination. Similarly, you can think of adding additional transportation facilities. 

A taxi booking app with a rich set of features

A taxi booking app, which is superior in functionality will augment the booking experience of the users. So, what are the factors that decide the superiority of your app? It is the processor and the features. If your app just crashes while making a booking or fails to handle multiple bookings will impact your business. So, a robust processing engine that can handle an infinite number of bookings efficiently is all you need.

Next, the inclusion of features is a factor in increasing the quality of the user experience. How? For instance, your users wish to pay for the ride using a payment option other than cards. If your app doesn’t house different payment options, then it will be a drawback.

Similarly, if a user wants to make the booking in advance and if your app doesn’t support the scheduling feature, it’s a drawback. 

Nowadays, the taxi services businesses are getting advanced, and features like a tracking system, booking scheduler, fare estimator, etc., have become mandatory.

Ready-made on-demand taxi app development

The core element of your online taxi services business is the app that lets users book rides. Ready-made taxi app solutions are the talk of the town in recent years. The ability to launch the app quickly and low budget requirements seem to be the reasons behind entrepreneurs investing in ready-made taxi apps.

In a competitive business like on-demand ride-hailing, starting your business immediately after planning is necessary. Yes! Since the market keeps growing, the number of competitors will keep increasing. So, to start your business immediately, a ready-made taxi app like Uber clone is the best choice.

Which business model would you opt for?

It is important to let your customers know the business model you have employed. A marketplace model similar to that of Uber connects local taxi services and houses on a single app. We all know that Uber is a marketplace model, and drivers with their own cars can register on the platform.

Here, the marketplace owner will receive commissions from the driver’s earnings. Local taxi businesses reach out to marketplace apps for exposure. Also, it is definite that the revenue sources of the marketplace model will be from advertising and commission charges.

If not the above marketplace model, you have the individual taxi service provider model. If you are pretty sure of gaining customers, then you can deploy your business individually. Also, in this model, you need to work on hiring licensed drivers and purchasing cars. If you are about to start your own business, the investment may seem heavy. Whereas if you are in this field of taxi services, then your only investment will be in developing your app.

Final thoughts

One can call this blog an insightful guide as it covers every essential aspect of starting a taxi business in Brazil. Go ahead! All the best!

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