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How to Write Effective Copy for Printed Marketing Collateral

How to Write Effective Copy for Printed Marketing Collateral

No matter how good designing and printing services you get, you can’t make your print-based marketing campaigns effective if your copy is not catchy and engaging. Your business needs perfect printed marketing collateral to make a lasting impact on the consumers. Like, digital marketing, print-based marketing also plays a vital role in spreading brand awareness and boosting brand recognition.

Now think of a billboard or brochure that grab your attention. What has attracted you to that marketing collateral? It must be a design, catchy tagline, or paper material (not in the case of a billboard). Unlike business cards, direct mails, or ads, billboard or flyers don’t ask to make a purchase. Instead, they focus on the brand’s story and include the content that inspires the viewers.

For instance, if you go for design or printing services for billboard, they may suggest you include the information that talks about your brand and shares contact information so that audience will connect with you and learn more about your business. So, in this blog post, we’ll share the crucial things related to printed marketing collateral that you need to know now if you want to get desired results.

Following are the printed marketing collateral on which we shed light and enlighten business owners about the importance of copywriting in marketing campaigns. 

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Flyers 
  • Press releases


When it comes to educating the audience about your brand, there is no better marketing collateral than a brochure. The primary focus of most printing services is brochure and business card. However, unlike other printed collateral, a brochure is a multi-performer. It doesn’t only build brand awareness but also bring new people to your business and generate potential leads. You may have seen brochures in cardboard displays placed or racks at the reception of hospitals, restaurants, state agencies, and other places.

However, no one will be interested in the brochure if its content is tedious or difficult to read. So, while writing brochure copy, you need to show some creativity and develop attention-grabbing content. The front side is not only for your company’s logo, name, and picture. You need to create an eye-catching headline that makes readers curious about your brand, makes them turn the page, read the content, and keep reading until the end.

However, if you want to make consumer read all the content printed on your brochure, you need to make it engaging and compelling. You write in a way that provides information instead of asking for buying your products, as a brochure is not a sales copy. Another important thing you need to remember while writing a copy for a brochure is understanding the customers’ problems and giving them the solution, they need. In the end, use quality printing services so that when consumer take your brochure in hands, it gives them a great feeling.


Like brochures, postcards also use to increase brand awareness. However, these are not used to boost conversion rate. So, when it comes to informing people about your brand, you need to write compelling content and place effective call-to-action. While writing copy for a postcard, always keep in mind that you have to be precise, as there’s limited space. A printing services provider will not accept your lengthy. Plus, if you add too many details, it’ll become overwhelming for the consumers, and probably they’ll ignore it.

If you’ve a good amount of information to share, keep it to the point. Besides, delete extra details and include what’s missing. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add graphics to your postcard, ensure that they relate to the context of the copy. We suggest using images that evoke readers’ emotions and make them read your message. Last but not the least thing is writing an eye-catching headline like a brochure.   


A flyer is a shout out that ask people to connect with your brand. A standard flyer usually contains one sheet. It informs people about the advantages of your products and services and how your brand can make their lifestyle better. The flyer’s primary purpose is to persuade consumers to take actions, like making a call and ask for details about your brand.

Like other marketing collateral, content is the king in flyer apart from design and printing services. So, while writing a copy for a flyer, make sure that your content is easy to read. To do so, break your content into different sections and make bullet points. Remember: focus on benefits instead of features.

Press Release

A press release, aka media release, is used to make an announcement regarding the business to keep consumers updated. For example, you can write a press release if you’re opening a new outlet of your brand, planning to rebrand, or launching a new product or service. However, to make the press release readable and effective, you should write to the point and follow the inverted pyramid approach used by journalists. In this method, you write the most important information first and then mention other details.

A good press release should contain your company’s logo, contact information, dateline (date of release and city), content, and end notations. However, content is the essential ingredient of a press release. So, you should be very careful while writing one for your business.

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