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In-House Writers vs Outsourcing vs Freelance: What’s Best?

In-House Writers vs Outsourcing vs Freelance: What’s Best?

Content marketers rely heavily on high-quality, well-optimized content to drive organic traffic and develop a strong relationship with the target audience. This means your content creation strategy should be bang on and you will need professional writers who can create value-adding content for your business.

Whether to hire an in-house writer, a freelance writer, or go with an outsourcing agency for content needs is still a bit of a debate between content marketers. Let’s take a look at each one at a time.

Hiring In-House Writers

An in-house professional is a salaried employee who works directly for your company – either full-time or part-time.

Since you have a writer on your payroll, their immediate availability works in your favor. You can go to them at any time, explain your requirements through in-person discussions, which is not only easier for both but sometimes leads to bigger ideas as well.

Although there are benefits of hiring an in-house writer for any business, there are also limitations. Hiring an in-house writer comes with the burden of regular salaries and other employee benefits, including unemployment and healthcare insurance, regardless of the workload. Don’t forget the additional costs and the time you need to invest in hiring and training in-house employees. Apart from higher overall costs, it is nearly impossible to find the skills to strategize, plan, create, distribute and promote content in one person. That is why, we think, content marketing is best played as a team game where everyone does what they are good at.

Outsourcing Content to an Agency        

An agency is a third-party, usually a team of professionals, who you hire to accomplish agreed-upon tasks or provide services from a different location. Typically, there’s a single point of contact at the agency who coordinates with you.

If you hire the services of an outsourcing agency, you are likely to get access to a team of trained and professional content writers. A team of writers can help you scale content creation to meet any requirement while maintaining a consistent tone, writing style, and overall work quality. Also, when you partner with an agency, you get a chance to tap into their expert knowledge for other activities like SEO, which helps you grab more top rankings with the content they produce.

When outsourcing an agency, you are not paying for a writer. You are paying for an entire infrastructure (operations manager, writer, senior editor, copy editor, etc.) to produce publish-ready content faster.

While it’s debatable, we think, outsourcing to an agency is cheaper overall. You don’t have to invest your time and resources in recruitment, monthly salary, and additional benefits to in-house employees.

Hiring Freelance Content Writers

A freelancer is someone hired on a contractual basis and works outside of your company.

Reaching out to a freelance content writer is most often seen as the most cost-effective solution for businesses. They are hired as per the upcoming projects. You can choose a subject-matter expert to write an expert-grade article or choose a journalist writer for an interview piece. Plus, you are not restricted by the writer’s geographical location. You can find a talented writer from any part of the country or even abroad.

A good strategy could be to build a virtual team of freelance writers with varying writing expertise and levels of experience. So you can easily reach out to the most relevant writer depending on the type of writing required.

But there are so many cases where businesses have struggled to work with the freelancer model. Communication might not be as easy either due to how they set their own hours for your work or if they are working in a different time zone.

So, there you have it – the pros and cons of hiring different types of writers. It may be hard to get the best of all worlds, but the above discussion may help you make an informed decision.

So…Who to Hire?

When considering who to hire, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Choose what the best option for your business is! What works for them might not work as efficiently for you and vice-versa. Your ultimate goal is to find the right person or solution that can help you get the results you need.

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Companies need writers who can create value through engaging and informative content while managing their content marketing budget. This article sheds more light on whether to hire in-house, choose freelancers or opt for an outsourcing agency to fulfill your content requirements.

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