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Is smart door lock safe? Are Internet brands trustworthy?

Is smart door lock safe? Are Internet brands trustworthy?

Smart door locks are already a familiar product to the public. In addition to the convenient unlocking experience, their safety performance is also the focus of people’s attention. So, is the smart door lock safe? Are the products of those Internet brands trustworthy?

01 Are smart door locks safe?

As the first line of defense for family security, door locks have always been the focus of public attention. So how is the safety of door locks judged?

Lock cylinder

The most important part is the lock cylinder. According to national standards, the lock cylinder is divided into three levels: A, B, and C, and the safety level is gradually increased from A to C.

From the figure, we can also see that the requirements of C-level lock cylinders for anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-pull, anti-impact and anti-technical opening are significantly higher than those of A and B levels, which means that C-level lock cylinders need It takes longer to turn on.

Here I need to make it clear to everyone: any lock cylinder will be opened, but the difficulty of opening the C level is relatively higher, thereby reducing the risk of theft, and the thief does not have that long time to unlock.

In addition, there are many people on the Internet claiming that the C-level lock cylinder is useless, and professionals still unlock it quickly. Please note that professional unlocking personnel not only need to have proficient technology but also need to have unlocking qualifications and be registered with the Public Security Bureau . Therefore, those cases of unlocking in seconds on the Internet cannot be regarded as a normal phenomenon.

All in all, it is enough to directly select the C level in the selection of the lock cylinder.

Panel and lock body

In addition to the lock cylinder, the main thing we need is the lock body and panel. The material of the lock body and panel of some smart door locks is poor, and it is easy to be violently picked.

At present, most of the products are zinc alloy panels, and the safety performance and durability are guaranteed. The lock body is mainly made of stainless steel. The overall anti-pry performance is still very good, and the smart door locks are generally equipped with picking locks. Alarm, once violent lock picking is detected, a notification will be pushed to the user’s mobile phone.

Fingerprint recognition module

Many people worry that fingerprint recognition is insecure. A thief can unlock it by making a fingerprint model. Is this true? fake.

Currently, the commonly used fingerprint recognition modules are mainly divided into two types:

The optical fingerprint module mainly uses light reflection imaging to identify user fingerprints; capacitive fingerprints (semiconductor fingerprints) use silicon wafers and conductive subcutaneous electrolyte to form an electric field. The fluctuations of fingerprints will cause a pressure difference between the two. Different changes can realize accurate fingerprint measurement.

The anti-counterfeiting performance of the optical fingerprint lock in these two solutions is weak, and there is a certain possibility that it can be unlocked by tools such as fingerprint film and fake fingers. However, many brands are now undergoing technological upgrades, and the protection performance has been greatly enhanced; the anti-counterfeiting of semiconductor fingerprint locks The performance is much better, and only recognizes live fingerprints, fake fingers are not good, and the recognition accuracy and sensitivity are also very good.

In summary, the current market is mainly based on semiconductor fingerprint recognition, which is already a mature design, so you don’t need to worry too much about security. Even with optical fingerprint unlocking, many brands now have upgraded designs, and it can be done without a fake fingerprint film.

Chip module

In addition to the above content, some friends may know the “little black box”. The small black box mainly interferes with the chip through violence, and the chip is forced to restart to achieve the purpose of opening the door.

The current smart door locks are basically equipped with a voltage regulator module on the circuit board to prevent current overload caused by such violent interference. In addition, they will also be equipped with an anti-interference door lock panel to prevent the possibility of unlocking the small black box.

02 Are Internet brands trustworthy?

Many Internet brands have also begun to launch their own smart door lock products, so are their products trustworthy? If it’s a big name, it’s okay.

First of all, we need to understand one thing-in most cases, these Internet brands are manufactured through foundries, and the quality of foundries that can cooperate with big brands is not bad.

Secondly, the brand will also give some special customization requirements to the foundry, for example, it will be different from other brands in terms of raw materials, so there is no need to worry too much about the quality.

So where are the advantages of Internet brands?

1. Ecology. With the continuous coverage of 5G base stations, smart homes have become hot again. People hope to obtain a low-latency smart interactive experience. As the first threshold and important part of smart homes, smart door locks are naturally not to be ignored. . The advantage of Internet brands lies in the ecological creation of smart homes, such as Mijia, Haier Zhijia, Tmall Elf, and so on.

2. Price advantage. Internet brands have a deeper understanding of users, so they will be more close to the people in terms of product pricing. For example, the smart door lock of the Xiaomi series has changed from the 999 yuan Xiaomi smart door lock youth version to the current top 1799 yuan automatic smart door lock. There is always a suitable choice for consumers.

3. After-sales guarantee. After-sales service is always linked to the cost. Therefore, choosing a big brand is always more secure than a small brand. At least the big brand can afford the labor costs, and the small brand may suggest you find a master to repair it yourself. Charles Bentley Discount Codes

03 to sum up

Society is always moving forward, and we must also actively embrace new things. The penetration rate of smart door locks is gradually increasing, and Internet brands have also made considerable contributions to it, so there is no need for everyone to be prejudiced.

The current smart door locks are actually relatively mature. The difference lies in the linkage and compatibility of different platforms. If you just want a convenient experience, then almost all smart door locks can be satisfied. If you want to build a smart home, Then systematic smart home platforms such as Mijia, Tmall, and Haier Zhijia are more worthy of recommendation.

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