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Know The Reasons To Pursue Microsoft Certification

If you desire a dynamic and lucrative career, then earning a Microsoft certification can prove to be a fruitful decision. The Microsoft Certification Program (MCP) has been around for over 30 years and is recognised by employers as a sign of expertise in one’s field. 

There are plenty of reasons to earn your certification—starting with the fact that they are globally recognised credentials among software developers, IT professionals, and employers alike.

Let’s take a look at the list of reasons why you need to get the certification.

Why Should You Get A Microsoft Certification?

The most significant reason to pursue this certification is that it adds value to your resume. It showcases your knowledge and skills on what’s considered the most popular operating system in the world- Windows. The program also covers other widely-used technologies in the corporate world.

A Microsoft certification is an industry-recognized endorsement that will bolster your career prospects. Earning a certificate can be hard work, but the effort pays off when looking for a job. 

According to the earnings data from Business Wire, certified professionals make more than their counterparts on average per year. You might also find it easier to change jobs if you want to specialise or move overseas in future. 

The certification validates your skills in front of your employer, thereby developing trust from his side on your abilities. It also lends some assurance to customers and partners who come into contact with you in your daily work life as they trust the quality of your products or services.

5 Reasons To Get A Microsoft Certification And Training

With the points listed below, you can know the reasons to pursue for Microsoft certification and its training for your future growth:

  1. Career Growth

First, it contributes to your career growth and makes you competitive in the market. You can immediately see the increase in your pay as most employers want someone with an advanced level of training. 

In a report, Business Wire states that online certifications from reputed institutions have increased the salaries of individuals from 20 per cent to 40 per cent. Also, if your dream is to work in a Fortune 500 company, getting certified by Microsoft is a good idea.

  1. Quick Learning Process

The concise approach of online training institutes like Koenig Solutions enables a quick learning process. If you are a beginner, you can adapt to the services and features with ease. You don’t need to download different resources or tools to learn. You can access it all in one place with the help of Koenig Solutions.

  1. Asset For Company

With a proven knowledge of Microsoft, you are setting your bar higher. It will make you an essential asset in the organisation, making employers believe you can enhance business growth. Also, an experienced professional with certification can scale the business and reduce considerable cost in any operation.

  1. Recognition From Industry Leader

Countless businesses around the world rely on Microsoft for their workflow. It creates a high demand for professionals who have skills in Microsoft technologies. If you have the certification, you have the prestige to perform significant roles in the modern era.

  1. Explore New Path

Microsoft certification builds foundational skills which you need in your career. It is found that certified professionals outperformed other peers by more than 26 per cent. If you are looking for a different role in the profession, the certification can help you explore a new path. 

A Microsoft certification also enables you to embrace the new technologies that are changing the way things work.

Why Do Organizations Hire Certified Microsoft Professionals?

It is no wonder that organisations want to focus on professionals who have more skills than others- including their existing employees. IT enthusiasts with certifications perform better and deliver positive results within the budget. 

Moreover, it reduces unplanned downtime making it beneficial for organisations. Hiring managers have reported that employees who get certified show increased employee retention than those who do not.


Overall, having a certification can expand your knowledge base, and it also future-proofs your career. Besides your knowledge, it showcases your dedication because employers favour those applicants who took the time to become certified in Microsoft.

If you are looking for a better Microsoft certification that adds value, check out Koenig Solutions, one of the leading IT training centres worldwide.

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