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MOT Milton Test – All You Need To Know Car Tyres

MOT Milton Test – All You Need To Know Car Tyres

As a responsible vehicle owner, it is your duty to ensure that you drive a vehicle that is roadworthy and meets the legal road safety standards. A Ministry of Transport or MOT Test evaluates that your vehicle meets these standards and if you drive a car without a recent MOT certificate in the UK, it is considered illegal.

Do not think that you can get away with an expired MOT certificate. In such an instance, your car insurance will also be considered invalid. You can regard MOT Milton Keynes as your car’s yearly roadworthiness examination. This exam is conducted according to the latest stipulations issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA. Car owners generally harbour a lot of questions about this test. Also, many of them turn nervous when it is time to take their car out for it. 

MOT Test – What Is It?

The MOT Test inspects the general condition of your car and its components to ensure that it fulfils the standards set by DVSA. This compulsory test is needed for all vehicles and is carried out by a certified vehicle technician who has the MOT qualification. 

 Keep in mind that there won’t be any reminder from the DVSA to make you aware about the renewal date. As a responsible car owner, you must get the test done every year, starting from the third anniversary of its registration. For example, if you purchased your car on 1 April 2018, its first MOT will be on 1 April 2021. The next MOT will be due on 1 April 2022, and every year after that.

What If My MOT Expires?

Do not take the expiration of your MOT certificate lightly. The government has the right to fine you for up to 1000 euros when they catch you driving a car with an expired MOT certificate. You are not allowed to take your car out and drive in it if you do not have a valid MOT certificate. 

You can have your car tested up to thirty days before the certificate expires. For example, if your MOT expires on 1 July 2019, the earliest date when you can get the MOT to keep the same date of renewal for the subsequent year is 1 June 2019.

MOT Checklist

·       Number plate – It is quite easy to check your car’s number plate and eliminate the probability of failure or advisory. It must be of the correct colour, fully legible, and showcase the right registration structure for your car’s year.

  • ·       Lights and indicator – The test will consist of an inspection of your car’s headlights. Ensure that they are aimed properly and have clear lenses. They should switch properly between full and dipped beam. Your plate light, reversing lights, and fog lamps will also be inspected.
  • ·       Brake lights – The brake lights should illuminate correctly when the technician applies pressure to the brake peddle during the process of the test.
  • ·       Tyres – Be careful of the tyre tread depth. It is crucial for the safety of your car. In the UK, the minimum tread depth allowed is 1.6 mm. Also, evaluate the sidewalls for any bulges and cracks.
  • ·       Windscreen wipers – The windscreen wipers should work properly and should effectively clear away dirt from the windscreen. Check that there are no tears or cracks on the blades. Fix any rear wipers that is not working properly.
  • ·       Screenwash – Did you know that even an empty screen wash tank can be deemed as an MOT failure? Ensure that your windscreen washer jets have the right angle and pressure.
  • ·       Seat belts and seats – Seat belts undergo a thorough check during MOT. They must extend and retract and should be in optimal condition. Problems with seat belts is specially an issue with older cars as the anchorage points of the seat belts are damaged.
  • ·       Fuel and engine oil – The technician will run your vehicle for some minutes during the emissions test. So, check whether your vehicle has enough fuel for the test to be conducted. Likewise, ensure that you have enough oil and so that the engine is not running dry.

By keeping in mind all the pointers regarding the different components of your car, you will find yourself better placed to pass the MOT test. Best of luck!

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You should first check your brake lights since they are quite essential to your vehicle’s safety. All you’ll need to do is park your car against a white wall. The back of your car should be facing the wall, and make sure there is some distance between the two. Then, you’ll need to step on the brake. Through your rearview mirror, you’ll be able to examine the reflection of your brake lights.

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