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Pros & Cons of Materials Used in Modular Kitchen Cabinets?

Pros & Cons of Materials Used in Modular Kitchen Cabinets?

Modular kitchen cabinets are an excellent option for many reasons. They provide an easy way to update your kitchen with different colour schemes or add more storage space; they can be installed in the same room as your existing cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about moving appliances, and they come in a variety of styles.

One of the most critical questions when choosing modular kitchens is which material will work best for you? Get in touch with the best modular kitchen manufacturers for real-time help.

1. Laminate:

Laminate is the most popular choice for modular kitchens. It’s an affordable option, and it looks great when paired with stainless steel appliances or granite counter tops. Laminate cabinets have a warm, wood look that makes them easy to pair with different paint colours to update your kitchen decor. However, laminate cabinet doors are not as durable as wood or plastic alternatives.

Modular kitchen cabinets made from laminate can last for decades as long as you take the standard precautions to prevent damage, such as keeping food off your counter tops and wiping up spills quickly. Laminate is also less expensive than solid wood, but it still looks similar to high-end wooden pieces.

2. Solid Wood:

Laminate kitchens are an excellent option for looking for an affordable, easy-to-maintain kitchen in their new home or apartment. However, if you’re seeking something that’s a little more unique, will last generations, and has the look of expensive hardwood furniture, then solid wood modular cabinets may be the right choice for you. The wood can range from pine to oak to cherry. And is an excellent option for kitchens that will be used frequently.

Modular kitchen cabinets made from solid wood are less common than those with laminate, but they offer many benefits. They will last much longer than laminate cabinets and can easily survive generations of use in the kitchen. Solid wood cabinets can also be refinished if they get scratched or dented.

Solid wood cabinets are more expensive than laminate, but they look and feel like traditional, high-end furniture. This can help homeowners who want to sell their homes keep the value of their kitchen high when the time comes to move on to a new place.

3. Metal:

Metal modular cabinets are another great option if you’re looking for a different style in your kitchen. If you want contemporary furniture that looks sleek and modern, then metal may be the suitable material for you. Metal cabinet doors can vary from shiny to matte, but they all look great with stainless steel appliances or granite countertops.

Metal cabinets are available in different styles and colours, so you can customize your kitchen to match the rest of your decor. They are less common than wood or modular laminate cabinets, but they provide a long-lasting material that looks beautiful.

Modular kitchens made from metal will last for many years if you take care of them. While stainless steel doesn’t scratch as easily as regular steel, you might run into some issues if you have kids and pets.

You would want to make sure that your metal cabinets are installed correctly so they don’t rattle or stick out from your wall. Get a licensed contractor to install them for you, so there aren’t any problems later on.

4. Glass:

Modular kitchen cabinets with glass doors are an excellent option for homeowners who want to update their decor without changing the whole cabinet. Glass doors add style and flair to your kitchen while still offering plenty of storage space and easy accessibility.

Glass cabinets look fantastic when paired with stainless steel or granite countertops. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the glass to ensure that it doesn’t get scratched. You can always replace individual pieces of glass or even an entire door if a scratch does occur rather than replacing your whole kitchen.

Glass modular cabinets are more expensive than solid wood, laminate, or metal cabinets. Still, they offer you plenty of options for design and style. Glass doors look great as a standalone piece, or you can choose to have them installed on both sides of your cabinet for an even more impressive look.

5. Plastic:

Plastic kitchen cabinets may not be the best-looking option, but they are an excellent choice for those who want to upgrade their modular kitchen without spending too much money. They offer plenty of storage space and styling options so you can create a custom look in your kitchen.

They are also resistant to moisture, heat & shock, making them great for use in the kitchen. Plastic cabinets are a little flimsier than some of the wood or metal options. But they still offer plenty of durability if you take care of them properly.

You can choose from several different colours to suit your style, and plastic kitchen cabinets are available in many heights, widths, and depths, so you can find one that perfectly matches your layout.

Plastic is a very affordable material for modular cabinets, making it a great choice if you’re on a budget. While they may not be the best-looking material available, plastic kitchen cabinets still offer plenty of durability and storage space.

Cons of different materials in Modular Kitchen Cabinets:

If you’re looking at modular kitchen cabinets, you may come across materials that seem like a great deal. However, certain materials should be avoided when purchasing. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  1. Formica is not durable and will scratch easily. It also doesn’t offer much in the way of style or design options.
  2. Lacquer cabinets are great if you want to stick with a traditional or natural look, but they won’t last long in your kitchen. You’ll end up having to repaint them every year or so.
  3. Laminate doesn’t have much holding power and isn’t very durable. It will chip easily and won’t match the style or design of your kitchen over time.
  4. Sides made from MDF will warp and split if they’re constantly exposed to moisture, heat, or humidity. Also, avoid having drawers made from MDF as they won’t be very durable and may end up warping after a while.
  5. Tempered glass is a popular option for kitchen cabinets, but there’s a reason for that. Tempered glass can crack or shatter at any time and is very dangerous for your kids and pets.
  6. It’s also more challenging to clean than regular glass, so you’ll have to be extra careful if you have small ones in the house.
  7. Painted cabinets are a great way to add some inexpensive style, but they won’t last very long. You will have to refinish them after every few years, and it’s difficult to match paint to the original colour. So you may end up having to repaint the whole kitchen sooner than you think.
  8. Avoid trimming your modular cabinets with aluminium, as it may become corroded after a while and may affect the overall performance of your cabinets as well.
  9. Avoid using melamine material for your cabinets, especially if you have young kids or pets in the house. Melamine can chip or splinter effortlessly, which could lead to injuries around your home.
  10. Veneer is also not an excellent option for your kitchen cabinets as it will not be very durable or long-lasting. A veneer is easy to break and can’t take a lot of pressure. So if you’re planning on using your kitchen frequently for parties or entertaining, you’ll want to avoid veneer altogether.


Modular kitchen is a great way to get precisely what you want without the high cost of custom kitchens. You can choose your cabinets, counter tops, and flooring all separated from one another, which saves money in both time and materials. However, some disadvantages come with this type of setup as well. If you’re considering getting modular kitchen cabinets for your new home design, take a look at our pros and cons list above before making any decisions!

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