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Redesign Your Website With These Lawyer Web Design Tips

Redesign Your Website With These Lawyer Web Design Tips

Lawyers understand the importance of nuance in words and phrasing like no one else. Therefore, they know how minor tweaks on lawyer web design websites can make a big difference. While there is no room for creativity and interpretation in contracts, the best lawyer web designs go all out to maximise performance.

We have compiled a list of the best practices for a law firm website and examined the top ten law firm websites to see what makes them so effective. 

Learn what increases and decreases traffic, how to create the perfect layout, what details to include on the page, the basics, and unique branding strategies. 

These are the tips for excellent law firm website design illustrated with real-life examples.

Top Legal Websites Include Contact Information on Every Page

The best law firm websites aim to attract future clients – and contact information assists with this task. Contacts should be the most accessible piece of information for a visitor to find.

It not limited to the “About Us” section. First, it should seen on the homepage. It can then included on specific pages, perhaps, with varying contact information depending on the lawyer. 

Top lawyer web designs give their visitors a range of channels to get in touch with you: phone, call back number, e-mail, and messenger. 

Top Lawyer Websites Have a Simple Interface

Continuing the point above, the best legal website designs are responsive and intuitive both on desktop and mobile versions. This illustrated through the following characteristics:

  • There are enough links for navigating the pages but not too many.
  • The best law firm website design is always readable. This includes optimal fonts, sizing, colour combinations, and the use of negative space.
  • Flashy animations, popups, and audio and video content kept to a minimum. They don’t translate well to mobile versions and might annoy visitors.

The Best Law Websites Have Optimized Contact Forms

Like other best law firm websites, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with extensive forms. If you ask for the necessary information and provide only essential information about your firm, there is a better chance that your potential client won’t back out.

For a top 10 legal website, we recommend a simplified contact form asking for a name, email, or phone number and a short explanation of their issue. Visitors will quickly fill out this form, and the rest can be sorted out during the first consultation.

Top law firm websites include a simple scheduling form where they can select the date and time. This way, you cut the time spent on scheduling details over the phone.

Top Law Firm Websites Maintain Their Blogs

The best law websites are constantly updated with new content, educational articles, success stories, etc. Updated blogs on law firm websites drive organic traffic to the site from search engines.

Best Attorney Websites List Their Services

The best lawyer website design showcases what the firm specialises in. A visitor should be able to glance and figure out whether you provide the services they need. The longer visitors need to browse the law firm’s website for that information, the more likely they will click away. 

You don’t want to be vague or barely mention specific fields of law – this will make you less professional and credible. The list of services on the best attorney websites will clarify whether a particular situation is a good fit for your firm.

Best Law Websites Include Call-to-Action

Having good content is a must, but you will multiply its effect. The best law firm websites always make use of every strategic law firm SEO company trick. Determine what you want from future clients and translate that into non-invasive CTAs. 

People often don’t realise they “called to action”, so the best attorney websites know how to seamlessly encourage people to contact them, fill out a form, select a service, etc.

The Best Law Firm Design Integrates Social Media

Top attorney websites know that their potential clients are already on social media. The best law firm design integrates social media accounts into the layout, thus, expanding the reach. 

These days, this rule applies to any company, but when your primary line of the business depends on a continuous increase in customers, your social media needs to be prominent.

If you are unsure where to start, Lasting Trend will implement the best practices for a law firm website. We know how to complete social media profiles for the best results and seamlessly coordinate different digital marketing campaigns. 

Starting with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we will include these links on the website so that your clients will have several channels of communication. And this will just be the beginning of our extensive work to create the best law firm design.


You might not understand the technical side of creating law firm websites at first. But you should feel that you heard by the agency you choose and confident that they will implement your vision to your exact specifications. 

Of course, they might make specific changes to make the best law web design– they are experts for a reason. 

By the end, you will have picked up industry terms, learned specific strategies, and have a better overall understanding of law firm website best practices. But the best thing is that you will see accurate results – from growing online traffic to real-life increased sales.

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