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The Art of Selecting the Right Pair of Shoes with Jeans

The Art of Selecting the Right Pair of Shoes with Jeans

Cargo pants and joggers may rule the wardrobe of almost every man. However, nothing can replace jeans. It remains one of the most essential pieces of garment for men. The reason why they are so popular is that you can wear them anywhere you want whether it be a casual or a formal event. And you most probably can’t go wrong with it, right? Wrong, you very much can! How, you ask? Well, chances are that you might not opt for the right pair of shoes with the jeans you are going to wear. You see, footwear is the most important part of your attire and yet, people don’t pay heed to it.

Now, matching shoes with jeans isn’t really a tough task. All you have to do is follow the right directions. So, with that said, let’s take a look at what shoes you should wear with jeans.

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans

  • Desert Boots & Jeans
  • Brogues & Jeans
  • Minimalist Sneakers & Jeans
  • Penny Loafers & Jeans

#1. Desert Boots & Jeans

Suede desert boots go well with almost everything from suits to shorts. And guess what? They gel with jeans really well too. The boots feature a softer sole and uppers as compared to other footwear styles. They are extremely versatile which means that you can even wear them with khaki pants. There is no specific rule on how to wear them with jeans as they will look great regardless.

#2. Brogues & Jeans

Brogues were originally designed for farmers so they can easily do their work in the mud. These shoes are more formal as compared to the trainers but can still be considered casual shoes. Brogues can be classified as business-casual shoes and can be worn to formal or semi-formal events. If the Brogue shoe is minimally detailed and has a sleek design then they can be considered formal. Whereas, those that are chunky and are hole-punched are more casual. You will also have to be mindful about the color of the shoe as it will determine whether the pair is going with the jeans or if it isn’t.

#3. Minimalist Sneakers & Jeans

Minimalist sneakers and jeans are a perfect match. And they both will go perfectly with each other. But if you want to trip up then silhouette is where you can come a cropper. This is a major concern when it comes to lighter canvas styles as they may not have the heft required to counterbalance heavy-duty jeans. At the same time, the combination of tapered or thin jeans and long high-tops will not suit people with big feet. Also, if you are choosing to wear white trainers then it might become a challenge for you to keep them clean as they can get dirty quickly.

#4. Penny Loafers & Jeans

Apart from minimalist sneakers, penny loafers is another option that would look super cool no matter what kind of jeans you wear. This explains why people love them so much. However, you will need to tread carefully. The shoe’s low vamp paired with a wide leg opening might make your feet look stubby. So, what should you do? Well, look for the jeans that are cropped and tapered. If you can’t find them then simply pin roll them.

#5. Monk Straps & Jeans

Monk Straps were all the rage during the ‘90s. Well, they are back under the spotlight. This type of shoe is an excellent footwear option that combines the formality of Oxford with a swashbuckling dash. There are two things that you will need to keep in mind when you plan them with jeans; color and silhouette. If it helps, you can try on the pair while in the shop and see if it works with the jeans. This will minimize the risk of choosing the wrong pair.

#6. Derbies & Jeans

Since the invention of jeans, their function has changed drastically. But they still pretty much remain workwear. And though you can wear leather shoes with them, there will be a strong incongruity between the two. Therefore, derbies that usually have a heavier profile can be a great fit as they can quite easily counterbalance denim. Black derbies could look a bit muddled with mid-blue pants so be careful with the tones that you select.


Jeans are and will always remain a top favorite garment for men. After all, it is that one piece that they can rely the most on to wear to anything they want to. But they will have to be careful with the type of footwear they wear with them as it can affect the outfit. So, if you are someone who likes wearing denim on almost every occasion then consider opting for the shoes mentioned above as it will help you to ace your style and flaunt your personality. Derbies, brogues, penny loafers, minimalist sneakers, desert boots, and monk straps are some of the shoes that you should consider wearing with jeans.

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