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Top 7 Instagram Feed Plugins For Shopify

Top 7 Instagram Feed Plugins For Shopify

With a whopping 1.074 billion users on the platforms, Instagram stands tall as one of the most influencing social media platforms. It provides great opportunities to the brands to enhance their brand’s reach beyond the local boundaries and capture a wider range of audiences.

At the same time, Shopify experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. The reason being, more businesses’ and customers’ shift towards online stores and eCommerce. Considering the need to market the business in this competitive world, Shopify developers introduced various Shopify Instagram feed plugin that combine Instagram with the Shopify website. Here are 7 best Instagram Feed shopify plugins currently available in the market and provide great aid to your business.

Best Shopify Instagram feed plugin for Shopify


Tagembed is the best & free social media aggregator for websites. It provides a free Shopify Instagram feed plugin under the name of Social Media Feeds at the Shopify app store. It helps you gather feeds related to your business from all over social media platforms and allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them beautifully on your website. 

You can extract the Instagram feed using the plugin. It collects the feed from Instagram using hashtags, mentions, handles, etc. Hence keep the feed related to your business. You can even moderate the content by using the moderation feature. This feature allows you to monitor the content that goes on for display on your website. With this feature, you can filter out all unwanted and spam content from your feed and keep it relevant to your business. In addition, you can even put a profanity filter, which allows you to block the content containing mentioned keywords; you can even block the content from a particular handle. All these measures help you to maintain the quality of your website and enhance visitors’ browsing experience. 

You don’t need to have any coding experience or knowledge to set up this plugin. It is a coding-free plugin and requires some basic steps for installation. It provides a smooth-running feed and updates the content in real-time. The plugin automatically keeps your feed up-to-date. Hence you don’t have to worry about manually refreshing the feed regularly. Also, it saves your cost as you don’t have to hire or take the help of any specialist for this tool. 

Social Media Stream

Social Media Stream is another one of the best Instagram feed shopify plugin to display Instagram feed on your website. The plugin’s primary focus on hashtag content and user engagement activities help you to strengthen your Instagram feed by gaining more followers and increasing your brand awareness.

Social Media Stream is not only restricted to Instagram feed. It also offers you the facility to display contents from various other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. The plugin is very flexible and supports all kinds of media. You can display texts, images, videos etc.,as it runs all media files smoothly. It is even compatible with all devices, so it doesn’t matter if the visitor of your website is using PC, mobile or tablet; he will be able to view the feed without any hassle. 


Want to display social proofs to your potential customers? Instafeed is the perfect plugin for that. 

Instafeed allows you to display content from Instagram related to your business and helps you to convert your store visitor into your customer by providing them with social proofs.

The plugin saves your time, as it has a user-friendly and easy editor, which showcases the feed without any hassle. You don’t require any coding skills to install or run this plugin. You can even customize the feed and display posts in a grid or slider layout. It supports all media types. Hence you can easily stream images and videos and bring liveliness to your website that drives ultimate leads to your business


User engagement is one of the basic elements that hold the visitor on your website. Instashow helps to attain that feat as it helps you to display your Instagram feed on your website. Moreover, it provides you with a customisation feature that allows you to change the colour of your feed, adjust the feed title, change the number of columns and rows etc. All these personalisations add charm to your website and make it more appealing to visitors. 

You can even choose from different layouts and customise colours of posts, slider, grid and popup. It supports 24 popular languages; hence you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. The plugin provides live updates constantly. Hence you don’t have to worry about manually refreshing the feed to get all the latest posts.


Snapppt is the best Instagram feed shopify plugin to create shoppable Instagram posts. With the help of this plugin, you can embed shoppable Instagram galleries and user-generated content into your Shopify website. Like the plugins mentioned above, even this plugin is coding free and does not require any coding skill for installation. 

You can boost your brand awareness by using this plugin. A customer feels valued when his content gets a feature on a brand’s website. The plugin allows you to display user-generated content and makes your customer respected. It inspires others to post more content related to your brand to get a feature on the website and hence, increases your brand awareness. We all know user-generated content is marketing gold, and if used correctly, it can bring wonders to your business. You can amplify its effects by simply displaying the content on your website using the plugin.


Want to see your business grow? Embed your marketing campaign on your Shopify website and allow users to engage with your brand. Gleam is an online competitions platform that helps you to engage with your audience and provides aid to your business to grow. It provides seamless support to all the devices, and it is compatible with 25 languages. 

Wrapping it up

Instagram is an impactful social media platform. It can take your businesses to new heights as it provides you with an opportunity to showcase your brand in front of a large audience. If used smartly, you can enhance your brand awareness and increase your customer base by using Instagram. Moreover, you can even bring the vibrancy and liveliness of the platform to your website by using the plugins mentioned above. These plugins help you to embed Instagram feed on your website and help you attract more visitors to your store.

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