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Step by Step Guide to Make your Facebook Private

Step by Step Guide to Make your Facebook Private

Make Facebook Private: Facebook is currently the largest social media network – with nearly three billion users. It is available as both website and mobile application, which makes it much easier to access anywhere and anytime.

This software allows free sign-up for all to connect with other users online. The sole purpose of developing this software is social networking – which is why Facebook lets strangers find you using social media algorithms.

One of the most valued features of Facebook is its security options. Many users may respect their privacy more than others and prefer keeping their information amongst their friends only. Keeping this very concern in mind.

Facebook has really heeded privacy settings by allowing users to adjust their privacy settings according to their preferences. Each segment of their profile can be modified and adjusted according to their privacy limits.

You will learn how to make your Facebook private completely in this blog. Each step is elaborated on in this blog, so you can easily follow them.

Please note that you will find the methods to make Facebook private under four different aspects: sharing default settings, Friends list, profile privacy settings, search engine, and photo albums.

Make Facebook Private: Sharing Default Settings

The sharing Default settings are applied initially to each post, deciding the audience for the post. When you prepare any content to post on Facebook, a box containing an audience option where you can select if you want that particular post to be visible to only me, Friends, Friends of Friends, or Everyone.

Even though it is possible to change it with each post but mostly, the default audience setting set. You don’t change it every time you post something. To change the default settings, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open Facebook, login, and land on News Feed
  • Once on News Feed, click on the downward arrow at the top-left corner to reveal a drop-down menu
  • From the options in the menu, select Settings & Privacy; when this option opens, select Settings
  • Locate and click on Privacy (fourth in number) in the list on your left to open Privacy settings on your right
  • You will see two segments; your activity and how people find and contact you – in each of these segments are different options
  • Edit each option and modify audience settings by selecting Friends
  • Once you have made all necessary changes, click on Close to save these changes
  • You can also change the Limit of the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or public settings as well

You can make Facebook private by making changes in the aforementioned settings.

Make Facebook Private: Friends List

Another solution for How to make Facebook private is making your Friends list private. You can specifically make your friends list private if you do not feel comfortable keeping it public. Follow the steps given below to make your friends list private.

  • Open Facebook, login, and land on News Feed
  • Once on News Feed, click on the top-left corner’s downward arrow to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • From the menu options, select Settings & Privacy; when this option opens, select Settings.
  • Navigate the Settings and Privacy screen – where you found two segments – and locate Who can see your friend’s list option
  • This option is in the second segment, i.e., how can people find and contact you.
  • Click on Edit and select friends or only me to keep it private.


Each profile is set to be indexed by Google, so it is visible to anyone. Review the profile settings for each item in your profile by following the steps below.

  • Open your desktop or laptop’s browser and then open the Facebook webpage on it.
  • Log in using your correct details to land on the News Feed page,
  • Open your profile on Facebook and select Edit Details located on the left side of your profile.
  • The Customize your intro box should open now.’
  • Turn off the toggle next to the information you wish to keep private.

This is how to make Facebook private by reviewing privacy settings.


Lastly, you can modify Photo Albums settings to make them private and keep them from being visible to strangers. Changing each photo album’s settings will automatically change the settings of each photo inside of those albums. To learn how to make your Facebook private by editing photo album settings, refer to the instructions below.

  • Open your desktop or laptop’s browser and then open the Facebook webpage on it
  • Log in using your correct details to land on the News Feed page,
  • Once you’ve been logged in, open your Facebook profile
  • Select the photos tab in your profile to open all the photos, then click on the Albums tab to reveal all your uploaded albums
  • Open each album that you want to make private and click on the three dots on the right side of the screen – click on the Edit Album option
  • Use the audience selector and change it to Friends or Only me, according to your preference.


Using the above-mentioned aspects and their instructions, you can easily switch your Facebook profile to a private Facebook profile. This helps in avoiding strangers that you may not be comfortable with or hackers. When you have a private Facebook account, you are much less likely to be found by random people, based on Facebook’s algorithm.

Changing your Public account to private helps you keep your account secure from intruders, hackers, and unwanted strangers. Private Facebook helps avoid, So recommended to change your privacy settings if you are not the biggest fan of social networking on Facebook.

You can find more Facebook-related information in our other knowledgeable blogs.

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