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The Best Social Commerce Trends For 2021 Future

The Best Social Commerce Trends For 2021 Future

Social commerce is a blend of social media platforms and ecommerce platforms by converting social media business accounts into shoppable storefronts. 

This feature allows brands to post their product pictures on their social storefronts. As they used to on their social media business account, and tag them with shoppable tags. These posts tap into users’ everyday social activities without interrupting them.

Users can visit the business’ social storefronts, explore the products, and purchase them, with a seamless purchasing journey, without having to leave the social media platform or app.

Social Commerce has enabled brands to boost their conversions like never before. Brands no longer have to worry about their ecommerce website’s dwell time or bounce rates as their marketing strategies have shifted primarily toward their social media storefronts.

So, do you want to know what Social Commerce holds in the coming future? Keep reading to know the best Social Commerce trends for 2021 and the future.

The Best Social Commerce Trends In 2021 & Future

Leverage Shoppable Instagram Gallery On Website

Social Commerce is already booming on many social media platforms like Instagram; why not bring engaging stoppable content to your website? Many Social Commerce platforms allow businesses to create engaging shoppable Instagram Galleries incorporated with visually appealing content created for their products.

When brands embed these captivating shoppable galleries on their website, visitors can explore. All the brand’s products on these user-friendly and responsive galleries without going through the entire ecommerce website.

Not just that, these shoppable galleries also come with shoppable product tags that the visitors can click and land directly on the product’s page, leaving all the other hassle behind.

Seamless Live-Streaming To Engage And Increase Sales

While marketers keep exploring new ways to increase sales opportunities for commerce businesses by capturing the maximum attention of the potential consumers, increasing sales through live streaming has turned out to be perfect and is here to stay longer.

Many brands have started collaborating with influencers and celebrities to do live-stream from their business social profiles. These influencers and celebrities can direct their audience to your brand’s live stream. 

These influential people can do product launches or try-on for your products on the live stream and share their views. While this happens, you can add product tags with the live stream with the add to bag option. Enabling potential consumers to make purchases while the live stream continues to run in the background.

The Influential User-Generated Content

The power that user-generated content holds is undeniable. It dominates user behaviour as consumers seek real-life experiences given by their peers before making any purchases online. Brands have started utilising this consumer-created content by uploading them on their stoppable storefronts and tagging them with stoppable tags.

This content is highly influencing as 90% of the users find UGC helpful while making their purchase decisions. It generates trust and efficiently engages the audience. 

Utilizing Content that displays the use of the product by your existing user can make a massive difference in how people perceive your brand. Above that, users can make instant purchase decisions without any distractions.

Direct Messages To Bring Personalization

Ecommerce websites are lengthy and complex, and that’s the number one reason why social commerce has emerged to be successful. Social commerce has enabled brands to get closer to their target audience as that’s where these consumers dwell the most. 

Another thing that many users find nerve-wracking is the never-ending customer service forms and procedure that takes up all their time until they find a solution to their queries. 

Social media commerce has made things easier for consumers to message the brands directly on their business accounts. To expand this opportunity many social media platforms like Facebook have enabled sales on its Messanger app.

Giving Influencer Marketing A New Direction

Influencers and content creators are dominating social media, and if you want to have a successful business on social media, you must shake hands with them.

90% of social media users follow the influencers, and their purchasing decisions are encouraged by them.

To take this to the next level, choose influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience so that when your target consumers come across your influencers’ collaboration posts, they identify them and would want to explore your shoppable storefronts.

And when the potential consumers come across all the seamless shopping experiences, social commerce offers, it will positively contribute to your conversion rate.

Over To You

We have now reached the end of this blog, where you got to know about the latest social commerce trends.

By now, one thing is sure, social commerce has arrived. And it’s here to stay and nurture the shopping experience for consumers and brands altogether.

So, it’s time to catch up with the lingo and incorporate these trends into your social commerce strategies and make the most.

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