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The Ideal Time to Install Winter Car Tyres

The Ideal Time to Install Winter Car Tyres

Winter car tyres provide great stability, grip, and safety than a traditional tyre tread at reduced temperature levels. However, seasonal car tyres are also there. This comes down to the question that when should you switch to winter car tyres. 

Winter car tyre reduce the distance of stopping by almost half on a snowy road surface in comparison to summer car tyres. They extend additional support while going down or a hill, cornering and accelerating. Some people suggest that winter car tyres are not desired in the UK as they are cool and damp. 

The major differences between winter and summer tyres are:

  • Winter car tyre comprise rubber compounds that are soft. They are made to retain their softness and good grip on the surface of the road at reduced temperature levels.
  • The winter tyre tread possesses characteristic small slits known as sipes, which enhance the surface area of the tyre to increase traction.
  • Winter car tyre usually have treads that are deeper than the summer car tyres as well as the all-season car tyres, which enable them to disperse water offering additional grip on snowy surfaces.

How do Winter Tyres Operate?

Once the temperature goes below 7 degrees Celsius above the freezing point, natural rubber begins losing its elasticity to grip the road properly. On the other hand, winter car tyres comprise a blend of components, with extra silica in the ingredients. This helps them in retaining the flex. The pattern of the tread has a unique design, with grooves that are deep which dig into the ice or snow. This is then merged with sipes and wider grooves, which provide good drainage for clearing through slush or puddle that are deep.

When is The Right Time To Replace Winter Car Tyres?

This change should be made as soon as the temperature goes below the range of 7 degrees Celsius. These tyres are specific for each season and would get damaged if they are driven in warm temperatures. The components would start wearing out faster offering reduced stability and grip while cornering and braking. Hence, 7 degrees Celsius should be your guide to replace your Tyres Redditch below or above this point. The cost point is also higher in the case of winter car tyre if compared to their counterparts. 

Myths Surrounding Winter Car Tyre

  • Amongst the many myths surrounding winter tyres, one is that if you wish to install winter car tyres, you could fit only two of them on the car’s axle and save money. This is a wrong notion as you should never mix different types of tyres. 
  • Another myth commonly heard that it is illegal and dangerous to use summer car tyres but decrease the pressure of air in them during the winter months. Tyres should be used for the purpose they are designed for. The pressure levels should be as recommended by the manufacturers. Letting the air escape does not improve the grip – however, it is quite in fact the opposite. It would make the car reduce its stability and wear out early or even damages the tyre’s tread.

Winter car tyres are not just meant to be driven on ice and snow. Hence, it would be more appropriate to refer to them as tyres for the cold weather. The cold weather includes everything from sleet and rain to snow, ice, or even a dry day that otherwise might be chilly. In many places, winter car tyres are a requirement legally to be used in the winter season. Many people across the world prefer purchasing an alternate pair of alloy wheels for their vehicle to be used in winters. 

In case you are installing winter car tyres, then experts advise using winter tyre as your spare wheel as well. It could affect the handling of the car if it is being driven on 3 winter car Toyo tyres Redditch and 1 summer car tyre as the levels of grip in each would vary.

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