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The Untold Secret to Availing of the Best Retail POS System

The Untold Secret to Availing of the Best Retail POS System


2021 is the time of the post-pandemic world. The pandemic has adversely affected the business world forcing many small businesses to shut down. In such chaos when the entire world is facing an economic crisis, you need to devise new strategies to save the stability of your business.

What is Retail POS System?

A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your clients make payments for your business products or services at your retail superstore. Since every customer completes a purchase at your store, a point of sale transaction is completed consequently.

What Kind of Retail POS System do you need?

All you need to promote your business growth is a cloud-based type of point of sale software. Instead of depending on the physical storage, you avail of a remote server with internet connectivity with unlimited storage capacity.

Why Online Retail POS System is the New Trend?

Cloud-based software is also termed “online software”. Retail POS is the dire need of your retail business in post-pandemic circumstances.

1.  Worldwide Reachability

While utilizing a cloud-based retail point of sale system, you can control the software and view its reporting analytics from any place in the world. You need not be restricted to the business premises and you are free to travel. If due to any inconvenience you are not present at your business location you can still handle your business operations only if you are using the online software.

2.   Data Security:

Another important yet most significant feature is that of data security. Now you can secure your business data despite its exposure to the public platform of the internet cloud. Data encryption allows you to stay confident about your data protection.

3.  Data Confidentiality:

I kept your business information highly confidential, as that is your basic requirement to ensure data privacy. Now you are safe from the hacking teams and competitors in search of your information.

4. Multilingual Option:

This online retail point of sale software is available in over two languages, majorly English and Arabic language. We can facilitate now more and more customers through this online version of the point of sale software for your successful retail business.

5. Tax Calculations and Deductions:

Now you do not need to manually calculate tedious tax percentages. You can set the tax percentage (even the bundled tax) in your cloud-based point of sale system which automatically calculates the taxes applicable to your business revenue. After calculation, we bound you to pay those taxes to the relevant Government of your country. Now tax payment is made simpler and easier with the help of online point of sale software.

6.  Batch and Serial Numbers Implementation:

At the time of products’ entry in the inventory of your retail business, batch and serial numbers are allotted to every item. I meant this numbering to keep a transparent record of all your inventory products. No product can be stolen or misplaced with batch and serial number implementation. Right through the entire supply chain, you can track every product from its production time to the point of sale system.

7.  Multi-dimensional Products Sale:

Now it is quite possible to sell two-dimensional and three-dimensional products to your customers with much ease and feasibility as far as you use the Retail POS system. Previously it was not possible but with the innovation in cloud technology, you can now practically sell dimensional items to your clients.

8.  Size and Color Products:

Someone can classify now the retail products as size and color products. You can categorize the products based on their colors and sizes (numbers and characters) for example, red color shirt with size medium or 34. This feature provides you with greater control over the pricing of products based on their colors and sizes.

9.  Restaurant Management:

Restaurant management is the exquisitely significant feature of the retail point of sale system as it allows you to run a highly successful restaurant. Gone are the days when you needed to employ new managers to handle your restaurant, for example, the floor managers. Now the point of sale software can perform every daily operation taking place inside your restaurant. Level and Table Management allows the perfect handling of your restaurant with the best time management capabilities. Kitchen Application helps you take care of your restaurant’s kitchen management where food orders are prepared timely. All three types of food orders, for example, dine-in, takeaway. and delivery is all managed meticulously with full expertise and the best possible organizational skills.


The right time has arrived at revealing the secret of a victorious retail business with awesome revenue generation. You do not need to test all the software in the market as this valuable piece of content suggests you try only SMACC software. SMACC has been serving thousands of its customers with the best possible services and a highly positive reputation in the Middle East Region. Now you can also turn successful in a short time just by relying on SMACC.

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