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Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Jordan

Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is an introduction to the Near East for a dream traveler. The place is safe and pleasant and brings guests near-global treasures and immerses them in world-class entertainment. When you sink into the culture of this simple country, you will feel totally at home.

Jordan occupies a large Arabian Peninsula. It is long considered one of the most unreliable and stable sites in the region among the turbulent nations of disputed Israel, Iraq, and Syria. However, it’s not all Jordan that is about going past, and just world-class walking in the bustling streets of Aqaba on the Red Sea or in Amman city center – the capital – is a burgened nightlife scene and modern art to boot.

The most significant time to visit Jordan is in the gorgeous spring season, from March through June. Many tourists rush to Amman, Petra, and the Dead Sea to enjoy the warm spring days and breezy evenings in the high season. It’s a great location, so what you are waiting for visit united airlines reservations, offered by united airlines to book your seat with exclusive deals and packages.


Amman – Jordan’s primary capital and the largest town — has plenty of tourist surprises. The city is an intriguing mix of new and ancient flavors. The sky-high contemporary skyscrapers fusion with old culture quite effectively. It is one of the top 10 sites for every sort of visitor to visit in Jordan.

Mount Nebo

For Jordanians and many other people, Mount Nebo is one of the holiest locations. Moses was put down to rest, and hence since Christian times, it is a popular location for pilgrimages. The Moses Memorial at Mount Nebo is one of Jordan’s most famous sites.

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Al-Maghtas is located on the eastern bank of Jordan, officially known as Bethany Beyond Jordan. Tell Al-Harrar or Elijah’s Hill, and the region surrounding the river’s churches of Saint John the Baptist are all two places. The location is said to be the site of John the Baptist’s baptism of Jesus Christ. Bethany is one of the saints in Jordan beyond the Jordan River.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the more intriguing spots to visit in Jordan at the lowest point on Earth. Dead is a lake across Jordan and Israel’s borders. At the bottom of the water, you can observe a bright hue of aquamarine and a shrimp on its bay. The phenomena of hyper-saline in the sea cause individuals to float without any apparatus on his water, and it is minerally rich mud that is utilized as a medicinal product. The coastline route also has several beach resorts for a great stay.


Jerash, which is also known as Gerasa, is located around 50 miles from the town of Amman. For those who prefer to see old ruins, this city surely ranks among the top sites to visit in Jordan. These are one of Roman remains finest maintained and ideal for a day journey from Amman. The hills and valleys around Jerash are loved by travelers, with plum, olives, and pine trees.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

It is a site of fantastic beauty, inheritance, and biodiversity. The geology of the biosphere reserve changes considerably from sandstone to calcareous granite, and it transforms the habitat from oak and juniper to sandy wilderness. Cycling routes, culinary lessons, stargazing, and bird gazing are all available at the campgrounds.

Umm Qais

The only green city in an otherwise barren nation is Umm Qais, colloquially known as Gadara. Whether you wish to go on a day visit from Irbid or stay in Gadara to enjoy the peaceful creek and the crisp, cool morning air in the city, while you’re there, you must investigate the ruins of Gadara’s Decapolis.


The old Jordanian town of Petra, carved on red sandstone, wasn’t recognized in the whole world for hundreds of years. Al-Khazneh is Petra’s favorite tourist destination and undoubtedly one of the most excellent spots in Jordan to visit. You reach the city through Siq — a small, 1 km wide riverside that allows you to explore the colorful rock colors and shapes. You get a peek of al-Khazneh towards the end of the Siq.


The Aqaba Gulf is one of the best destinations in Jordan to visit. This is where all Jordanians come to refresh themselves and swim. Aqaba offers many fun and fascinating things to explore, including the Red Sea reefs, deep-sea diving, and snorkeling.

Wadi Rum

On the east side of Rift Valley, the Wadi Rum is a desert environment stretched over 74,000 hectares, with small canyons, sandstone arches, towering cliffs, and natural caves. It is one of the most intriguing destinations in Jordan to visit.

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