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Top 5 Live Chat Softwares You Must Try in 2021

Top 5 Live Chat Softwares You Must Try in 2021

Do you know that you might lose valuable customers and huge conversions if you do not reply to customer queries instantly? Customers don’t wait for long and abandon their shopping carts without making a sale. And when you check such entries from the backend, it disappoints you. 

Since ages, both businesses and customers preferred emails as a mode of communication. But due the lack of instant response, people now are switching towards live chat software for customer support. In the last five years, the use of live chat software has increased by nearly 300% as it allows speedy interactions. 

With live chat software, customers can easily browse and explore your websites and at the same time they can get answers of their queries and troubleshoot their issues.

Want to know more? Let’s dive a little deeper and have a look at top free live chat software that you must use to grow your business. And also these are suggested by various SEO Reseller.

#1. Hubspot 

Hubspot stands on number 1 in the list. As it has some really cool features to ease the whole process of communication. Hubspot provides an automatic integration of it’s live chat software with it’s CRM. This way all the incoming chats will be saved to the customer’s profile and your agents can easily access the previous conversations. Therefore, you can provide a detailed solution to their issue and ensure satisfaction.

Another interesting feature of Hubspot is its chatbot builder. It enables you to create a personalized chatbot and install it free on your website. With Hubspot you can provide 24*7 support to customers and take them to self-service modules in absence of any human representative.

#2. Olark

When it comes to staffing decisions, real time reporting and performance analysis are some of the crucial features to consider. Olark has some smooth features to generate real time reports and measure customer satisfaction. It enables you to analyze your team’s performance, chat volume and your executive’s chat activity. With this data you can train your team how to meet up client’s requirement and resolve their issues.

You can also archive the chats and save them for later. With its smart search, you can filter and sort coversations of the desired topic and review them for feedback.

#3. is a multilingual live chat software that can be easily integrated with your website. It has all the basic features needed for an efficient live support like ticketing, multiple agents, chat ratings, various departments and so on.

With you can customize the chat window and messages for your customers. It offers some tutorials in an online academy where you can easily learn the integration and add the module to your site. They have an efficient and active support centre to answer all your queries.

Just like many other live chat softwares, it also offers the feature to save and store chats and use them for further reference.

#4. Chat Lite by Zendesk

With its unmatched chat solutions, Zendesk is considered as one of the top leaders in customer support services. If you are thinking to provide best chat experience to your customers, you need to look nowhere but at Zendesk. 

To start with, you can go for free live chat plan “Chat Lite”, that can be upgraded at any point of time. It offers a detailed set of documentation to help you with the integration process and troubleshoot your queries.

Chat Lite has plenty of features that allow users to have an amazing chat experience. You can save and store the conversations and have concurrent chat. Users can rate the chat after each interaction and share their valuable feedback. The only limitation that you will have is that you can save the chat only for 30 days.

#5. is highly recommended by all who are using it. If you want to sync all your webiste’s chats on social media pages, is just right for you. It includes an all-in-one messaging tool that allows you to provide live support from website as well as social media channels.

Integrating this software to your website will provide you an AI feature to manage your bot’s responses. The chatbot recognizes if any question is asked repeatedly and reply smartly acccording to it. Thus, your customers will receive a standard solution to their common problems. It guaratnees customer satisfaction as saves their time. Managing inquiries from multiple sources will become easy as all the chats will land at a common location.

The Takeaway

Whether you own a manufacturing firm or an ecommerce company, free live chat software is all what you need. Wondering what fits best for your company? Well, it solely depends on your needs and requirements. Adding a live chat will definitely enhance user experience and boost your conversions to make you grow better. Still have doubt, you can connect with the reputed SEO services Provider.

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