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Uber for Maids: Build Your Own On-Demand House Cleaning App

Uber for Maids: Build Your Own On-Demand House Cleaning App

People are moving ahead to the digital space to meet their basic day-to-day requirements in today’s world. Notably, the popularity of on-demand service apps is at a peak. And it is in trend in the marketplace. Such apps have presented a sense of convenience and comfort for people to avail the service online.

Cleaning services are no longer a tradition now. People can access this service via a website or an app hassle-free. Uber has become synonymous and offers various services like handyman and package delivery. In these innovations, the on-demand house cleaning app is one among them.

Reasons to Launch the Uber for Maids App

House cleaning is time-consuming and a tough chore. In the busy routine life, people hardly have time to clean the entire house as it might take a whole day. In such circumstances, people go for the Uber for Maids app as they can avail the house cleaning service with just a few taps.

This kind of service is undoubtedly a huge hit as its benefits service workers and clients. Obviously, it is a lucrative business to start for newbie entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to plunge into the on-demand services industry.

With a house cleaning app like Uber, it is possible to improve customer acquisition by offering effective services to a broader user base at a reasonable price. If you are managing a cleaning services agency, launch an on-demand house cleaning app to take your business to the next level.

Different Types of On-Demand Cleaning Services

Depending on the type of household that is to be cleaned, there are three popular categories.

  • Construction-cleaning

The house will be in total mess once the renovation work is completed. In such a case, the client can book a house cleaning service for their renovated home.

  • Commercialize-cleaning

The users can have the benefits of the commercialize-cleaning that includes sanitization of the house and cleaning up the school/office.

  • Household-cleaning

The household cleaning service includes surface cleaner, washing tiles/kitchen, and so on. The maid provides these services.

Common Maid Services for User Requirements

  • Babysitter

The users can browse the services related to the babysitter and childcare services. They can opt for a full-time babysitter to take care of their children. This type of service might be the best option for a business startup because most women are working as they cannot spend time taking care of their children. So, they prefer babysitters.

  • Elder-care

It is similar to the childcare service in which users can avail of the service for elders. They can choose the maid based on the experience.

  • Cooks

Nowadays, this business has a huge demand as people have time to cook in their busy schedule and prefers outside food. Therefore, they can hire a maid for cooking. This service will be useful for those who do not know how to cook.

  • Laundry

Working people have no sufficient time to wash their clothes and so this service is helpful for them. They can avail of the service via the Uber for maids app and the maid will provide the service.

How Does the Uber For House Cleaning App Work?

The Uber for House cleaning app is more beneficial for the users as they can spend valuable time with their family and friends while the professionals/maids do the cleaning service. Let’s understand how the house cleaning service app works.

  • Service providers 

The service provider as an individual or a company has to register with the app using the required details. They have to set the timings when they will be available for offering the house cleaning service to the users. They can even manage the timings and services via the app. whenever the users book a service; the app will notify them about the user requirements to the service provider. The service provider has the option to respond with quotes, update status, track payments, and much more.

  • Users

As users, they have to sign up with the app and fill up their basic information. They can hire personal maids and cleaners. Also, they can opt for the service they need from the available services like home cleaning or office cleaning. They can book a service once specifying the requirements. Additionally, they can specify their convenient timing for availing the cleaning service.

Basic Features of the On-Demand Cleaning App

The on-demand cleaning app consists of three panels, namely the User panel, Service provider app, and Admin panel. The basic features in these panels are as follows.

User panel

  • Registration

Once the users sign up with the app using social media accounts, they have to specify the necessary details.

  • Service type

Users can choose the service they need from the type of available services. They can browse through the services in the app and select them with ease.

  • Notifications

The app sends a message to the users regarding the services, including offers and discounts, via push notifications.

  • Bookings

Once the users book a service, they can review the details of the services. They can even cancel the bookings at any time.

  • Payments

Upon completing the service, the users have to make a payment via the available payment options. They can opt for cash payment or digital payment. Digital payment options include UPI payment, e-wallet, debit card, and credit card.

Service provider panel

  • Registration 

Similar to the user panel, in this panel, the service provider can register/sign up with the app by providing the required details. Or else, they can sign up using social media accounts.

  • Manage profile

The service provider can include their experience in their expertise field. They can upload their portfolio and manage these details at any time.

  • Service request

The service providers can manage their schedule and time slot. Also, they can request the users to book a service by offering your service with offers and discounts. Besides, the service provider has the option to accept or decline the request according to their time slot.

  • Payment receipt

The app will generate a payment receipt once the service provider finishes the service and the user makes payment.

  • Booking notifications

The app notifies the service provider regarding their services, including payments. After that, the service provider can schedule their service accordingly.

Admin panel

  • Customer service

Using this feature, you can communicate with the users as you can identify the problems and resolve them.

  • Online schedule management

The Online schedule management feature will allow you to manage the scheduled booking, users, and service providers.  

  • Dashboard

You have the option to manage all the aspects of the app. like, you can manage the number of service providers registered with the app and other service-related details.

  • Manage services and prices

You can manage all the services and prices of the services on the cleaning app. Despite this, you can update the price details according to the user requirements.

  • Provide tasks to the service providers

You can assign the task to the service provider according to the user requirements.

Cost Estimation of House Cleaning Service App Development

The house cleaning service app development cost mainly relies on features and functionality. To a rough estimation, the cost depends on app complexity, app platform, location of the app developers, and much more. To get the exact idea of the cost estimation of developing the app, reach out to a mobile app development company.

Final Note
People are looking forward to the on-demand service app that makes their life easy in the busy routine. The Uber for Maids is the best solution as it offers the house cleaning service to the users who have availed it via the app. Dominate the cleaning service industry with an on-demand house cleaning app.

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