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Choosing the Best Virtual AGM Platform for Your Company

Choosing the Best Virtual AGM Platform for Your Company

Every year organisations host many events. And each event serves a particular purpose. Some of the usual events are meetings, conferences, forums and trade shows. Each of these events has its own significance. However, there is one event that is the most significant for any organisation. And that event is Virtual AGM.

An AGM or Annual General Meeting is a high-level meeting. This meeting is attended by shareholders, senior executives and board of director members. In these meetings, the organisation’s performance and future strategies are discussed. Every organisation is bound to host at least one AGM every year. All these factors demonstrate the importance of AGM.

Last year, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, any kind of social gathering was banned. So naturally, people worried about hosting the events. And principally high profile events like an AGM. However, the organisation came up with a solution of hosting events virtually. And this included virtual AGMs.

Virtual AGMs – Concept and Platform

Virtual AGM is an AGM that is hosted digitally or virtually. Whereas all the members attend the meeting online. And that’s the significant difference between the traditional and virtual AGM.

To host an AGM virtually, you need to have the appropriate virtual event platform. Since different activities take place at an AGM, you cannot use regular video conferencing apps. So you should use a professional solution, and that is a virtual event platform.

Now, if you are wondering how you can select the virtual event platform for your AGM. Then don’t worry. We are here to help you. Let’s see how to choose the platform that suits best your AGM’s needs.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Virtual AGM

To get the right platform for your event, you need to consider the features and services required for the event. So first, look at some factors that are significant in virtual AGMs.

1. Interface and Navigation

The most necessary part of your virtual AGM is the interface of the platform. So you need to test the interface before settling down on a particular platform. Make sure the interface is fast and snappy. Also, it should be easy to navigate. If the interface is slow or confusing, it will ruin the experience of the members of the meeting.

Here are some features that enhance the attendees’ experiences

  1. Dynamic Banner – This feature allows you to host multiple banners at the same place and time. Also, you can add gifs and music here.
  2. Dynamic Lobby – You can add animated lights and music in the lobby to give aesthetic looks.
  3. Custom Environment- You can have a customized look of your virtual event venue. Add pictures, videos and logos of your organisation.

2. Experience at Event

Many virtual event platforms provide features for a smooth experience at the event. More features mean a more immersive experience. So check for the features that can intensify the audience experience. Here is the list of some impressive features

  1. Micro-Site – It contains a registration page. So that attendees can see the schedule of the meeting while registering for the event.
  2. Introduction guide video- This video helps the shareholders and members to understand different aspects of the event.
  3. Touchpoints- It enables the attendee to connect with the event. And have a seamless experience.

3. Features Required Hosting a Virtual AGM

Every organisation has different rules to conduct an AGM. So you need to check the customs of your organisation first. But for your reference, here is a list of some basic features used at AGMs.

  1. Voting- In AGMs, voting is one of the most crucial activities. Members would be required to take decisions on many issues. So get the feature that enables voting.
  2. Q&A – A Q&A session is quite common in AGMs. Because members discuss several things like the organisation’s performance. 
  3. List of Members – You don’t want to create a blunder by not inviting a member of the board or senior executive and shareholder. So you should have access to the digital version of a list of members.
  4. Record and data- You will need a feature to record the minutes of the meetings, including voting results.
  5. Access to proxies – It is better to have the proxy forms and votings in a manageable order. And at one single place.

4. Convenience

The convenience of the attendee is also a crucial part of the cumulative experience. There are many features that you can get on the platform. To provide more comfort to the attendees at your virtual AGM. We recommend features like-

  1. Briefcase – This feature allows the attendees to store all the documents that they downloaded in one place. Hence, the attendee doesn’t have to worry about losing the necessary documents.
  2. Access to Document – An attendee can download documents, PDFs, Sessions, Flyers & other essential information from your virtual AGM platform for future reference.
  3. Library for Documents – Here, an attendee can view and download each document shared in the AGM.
  4. Document Presentation- This feature allows the attendees to present their presentations, just like in a traditional meeting.

5. Security of the Platform

Apart from the features, you need to check the security measures available on the platform. In an AGM, only limited members are allowed, and that too only senior members of the organisation. So you should make sure that their data and privacy is safe on the platform. Apart from that, in AGMs, some of the information is sensitive in nature. No one would like to have an unauthorised person accessing that information. 

To check the security of the platform, ask for basic features. 2-step login process and End-To-End Encryption, to name a few. These are primary features yet enhance the protection of the attendee.

6. Tech Support

The last thing that you need to check is the tech support from the platform team. It may be possible that you may encounter a problem on the meeting day. It can be a technical issue. And you may not be able to solve that problem yourself. So you need to have support from the platform provider in such a situation. And you may not be able to estimate the extent of the problem. As a result, this problem may lead to a delay of a few minutes to several hours. Therefore, you should check the support from the platform provider. These are some of the features you should look at while selecting the platform for your virtual AGM.

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