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6 Ways to Increase the Leads with Webinar

6 Ways to Increase the Leads with Webinar

These days, one can observe a surge in the popularity of webinars. There can be several reasons for this surge. But the most prominent one is the current situation. And that is the outbreak of the pandemic and limitations on social gatherings. Since people were doing all the activities from home, webinars became more relevant than ever.

Webinars first appeared back in the 90s. When video calling was a new thing. And with time, many webinar platforms came that offered an improved experience. One can easily say that webinars were the predecessors of today’s virtual events. However, webinars were not as popular as their physical counterparts.

But what are webinars? And what makes them a better value for money over seminars? Let’s find out.

What are Webinars?

Webinars are also known as web seminars. As the name suggests, they are digital or online seminars. And both the speaker and audience are connected virtually. This means you can attend the seminar/session from your location. And this convenience acted as the engine for the growing demand for webinars.

Webinars, in their most primitive form, are group video calls that are addressed by a speaker. And that’s why there are multiple webinar hosting platforms. But you can also get a virtual event platform or software for a more rich experience. These platforms offer a sophisticated interface with more advanced features that massively enhances the audience experience.

Now that we know what exactly is a webinar, now let’s look at the reasons behind its growing popularity.

Why Webinars are Becoming Popular

  1. Pocket friendliness – Webinars are affordable. When you host a seminar, you need to spend money on the venue, accommodation and travelling. But you can avoid all these expenses with webinars.
  2. Greater convenience – Hosting a webinar is easy. And also, it is convenient to attend a webinar. As the attendee doesn’t need to travel.
  3. Host global Audience – With a webinar, you can overcome any geographical barrier. It means you can host a global audience.
  4. Unlimited Audience – Some platforms can host an extensive number of people. So you don’t have to worry about the number of attendees.
  5. Get a diverse speaker panel – You can invite speakers from all over the world. It will make your webinar more appealing and dynamic.

These are some ways in which the webinar edges over the seminar. You can have mode benefits by opting for webinars.

Now, if you are interested in hosting a webinar or you have already hosted a webinar. And you are looking for ways to increase the leads with the webinar, then we have something for you. Here are some effective techniques to increase leads with the webinar.

Ways to Increase Leads With a Webinar

1. Finding the target audience

To generate leads from your webinar, you need to connect with your target audience. But who is your target audience? And how can you determine your target audience?

To identify your target audience, you need to create an Attendee Persona. But what is an attendee persona? An attendee persona is a profile of people with particular characteristics. Each of these characteristics defines the people in this profile. These characteristics include various demographics like age groups.

To create an attendee persona, you need to gather the information of the customers. Here are some ways to collect that information.

  • Survey – Before your webinar, you can ask the customers about their preferences, expectations and needs. It will provide some insights into your customers.
  • Online Research – You use various researches conducted online to understand customer’s behaviour. Also, you can see their attitude towards different particular things.
  • Customer data – You can look for those customers who made a purchase of similar goods. And see their reviews and experiences.
  • Webinar registration – Use your webinar registration page to get more information about the customer.

2. Prepare a landing page for your webinar

Now it’s time to use the information you collected to create an impactful landing page for your website. Here you can use compelling content. And encourage the customers to take action that is registering for your webinar. To prepare effective content, you can talk about customer’s challenges. And their pain points. Also, you can discuss the customer’s needs and wants.

To make your landing page more effective, you can use these techniques-

  • Using keywords to improve the ranking of your webpage on search engine.
  • You create excitement by sharing a teaser video about your webinar
  • To grab the attention of the people, you can use customer testimonials and reviews.
  • You can also use countdowns to remind people about webinar timing.
  • Introducing speakers to your event can be an effective way to draw people to your webinar.

3. Promoting your webinar

Your webinar landing page may get visitors. But for higher lead generation, you need to get the new audience members on the board. Also, you need to engage with them. For this, you can use various marketing techniques.

  • Social Media Marketing

It is one of the most widely used marketing techniques out there. And the reason for this is apparent, you can make the right content viral on social media. And the more attention you get the higher will be the numbers of visitors. However, you need an effective strategy to gain people’s attention on social media.  

  • Email Marketing

The email market is among the most impactful marketing techniques. And the reason for this is its relevance. You can send weekly newsletters about your webinar. It will help you in engaging the interested people. Also, they will not forget about the timings of your event.

  • YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. And it is the most popular video-sharing platform. So you can use YouTube to broaden your reach. However, it takes time for the audience on YouTube.

Apart from these, you can also use other marketing channels. And if your budget allows, you can also use offline marketing channels.

4. Provide on-demand video

After the webinar, you can provide an on-demand video of the webinar. And just like your webinar, you can set a deadline after which the webinar video will not be available. This will encourage the customers to access the webinar ASAP. Also, you can provide deals as discount offers to the viewers of on-demand video.

5. Collaborate with brands

Teaming up with partners or collaborating with new people and brands has its own advantages. But the most essential one is expanding your customer base. Since you can access the audience of your partner, you can attract more people. Also, collaboration helps in diversifying your content.

6. Collecting feedback

Another way to generate leads after the webinar is by getting feedback from the audience. You can email the registered and on-demand viewers a feedback form. And ask them to fill it. But you need to attach the form to your website. So that more people will visit the website to fill out the form.

Also, the feedback will help with understanding the audience experience at your event. And you can use this information to improve the audience experience in the next webinar.

These are some beneficial ways to increase the lead with a webinar. You can use other techniques also to generate leads. We hope you liked this article. So share your thoughts on webinars.

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