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What features you should look for in an SMS service provider

What features you should look for in an SMS service provider

When SMS messaging first started in 1992, no one knew that it would become a popular marketing channel for all sizes of businesses. SMS marketing is in high demand nowadays, and it is one of the most reliable modes of communication. 

Every small, medium, and large scale company generally uses the power of SMS marketing for their business. 

Choosing the best and most reliable SMS service provider is the first thing that a person should consider for running successful text message campaigns.

Importance of SMS marketing for your business

All the excellent businesses who are in text messaging support both large as well as small businesses. The company’s features should be scalable to meet the operational capacity of your organization. 

Additionally, the right SMS service provider can also help small companies to grow into large-scale, multidimensional powerhouses. 

Features you should look for in a good SMS provider.

They should have advanced features, next-generation functionality, as well as superior customer support. Small businesses will have the technological advantage, and the directional insight needed to become successful.

The majority of the SMS service providers generally offer Bulk SMS, promotional, and transactional SMS services as per the requirements of the businesses. 

The SMS service provider generally has a platform that offers the capability to expand as your business grows. 

As your business grows and SMS campaigns rise more extensively, your SMS provider should handle the massive volume of messages sent to the people.

Supports one way and two-way communication

It is always good to select an SMS service provider which offers all the possible messaging services such as bulk SMS, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, etc. 

With this, a company can reach a larger target audience at a meagre cost. It should also support one-way and two-way communication.

If your provider doesn’t support two-way communication, your customers cannot reply to your messages. 

It is a critical feature you should always check, as it is essential for service related promotional messages.

Clear and competitive pricing

A good provider will give you the chance to work out with them without spending money. They should have a price that should be compatible with your business.

The reliable SMS service providers will always make sure of a high level of up, like very little room for errors. 

They also should provide excellent customer support to their users at a low price. The providers have nothing to hide. 

Free trials available 

A good SMS service provider generally gives free trials ranging in the 7-14 day range give you an excellent opportunity to test things out before making your final decision. 

With this, you can also experience the capacity of their SMS gateway platform and the delivery rate. Before purchasing the paid plans, you should always check for free trials availability.

Excellent customer support

While selecting an SMS service, a person should always check if 24*7 customer support is available. A 24*7 customer support generally enables you to get a faster resolution to all of your problems.

Customer support is a critical factor to choose any service provider. Look for the channels through which they provide support to their customers and the average response time.

Data & Analytics 

It is essential to track the SMS campaign to understand the CTA better. For your future SMS campaigns and to reach the right audience, it is crucial to measure all the metrics and deliver messages. 

A reliable SMS service provider generally ensures a graphical representation of the number of messages delivered to the people. 

The User Experience

By using the services of an SMS service provider during the trial period and checking their reach and work ethic, you will get an idea of their work. 

The network operator connections, the number of clients, and the different industries they cater will often assist you in selecting the right SMS service provider.

Wide range of integration

A person should choose a service provider who offers a range of CRM integrations for your platform. It will generally erase a lot of problems that are related to the applications as well as infrastructure.

Made for teams and individuals

It would be best if you always chose a service provider which offers a platform that supports multi-language SMSs. Therefore, they can be compatible with various company individuals and would not have any language barrier. 

With this, you can also break the language barriers and send the SMS as per region-specific languages and the areas you want to target.


For many businesses, it isn’t easy to look beyond price because it is an essential factor. There are many marketing myths that text-based marketing is dead. 

But with a more than 50% open rate, it is still an important marketing channel to promote your business.

There are many other critical and crucial factors the companies should always consider when selecting a text messaging service for business. 

Mobile marketing generally offers a low-cost message. This marketing modality is relatively new, and many small businesses are using it to boost their profits, improve competitiveness, and communicate with customers.

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