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Why can’t I add someone on Facebook after unblocking them

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook after unblocking them


Facebook is such a growing and very famous app among all the other social media from little kids to adults to old age people everyone likes to enjoy the app and be the center of attention for everyone. Sharing pictures, live locations and so many other things Facebook is a whole package of entertainment and not just entertainment but it takes care of the users. Facebook’s block option is a lifesaver for so many people. 

The block option on Facebook is very helpful if you don’t want to hear from anyone or see any of their updates, the block option prevents them from interacting with people on Facebook with each other. If I have to talk about blocking in general I would say when you block someone on Facebook, if they are your friends they will get removed from your friend list naturally. If you block them naturally or unnaturally they will disappear from Facebook just for your eyes. And if you did that accidentally how would you reverse it? Let us dig in and find out about that.

First of all, how will you unblock them on Facebook?

To find out about them you have to unblock them so that you can see their profile and only then you will be able to send them a friend request. And for that follow the below-given instructions

First, log in to Facebook, and there go to the settings page. You will see an arrow option click on that (you can find that on the top right of the Facebook) 

For a new version of Facebook 

Go to the settings from there go to the privacy, not on the arrow option.

While on the left side you will see the blocking tab, click on that and you will find the block users list. In that will, every person you have ever blocked will appear. And beside every name, you will get an option called unblock a user. If you click on that you will remove them from blocking. Once you unblock them you will see their profile as a normal person.

Now look at the blocking option there you will find many types of blocking. All these blocked users will not be able to see your posts or to send you text messages and friend requests. Not just this but you may block different things from people like blocking invites, from apps and events, these types of the block will help you stay away from certain invites and requests without blocking them completely.

Just use the right form of blocking and you don’t have to refund or unblock them when things get awkward in the future.

Befriend right after blocking them on Facebook

When you unblock someone following the instructions we have shown you above, you can visit their profile in a normal way on Facebook like searching by name, etc.

Now you will see an Add friend button on their profile. Click on that now you have sent a fresh friend request to them now if you had a bad experience with this person they might delete your request and if they do so you can click on the option called mark as spam through this you won’t be able to send any new friend request.

Now when you check their profile you will see that the add friend option is not there that means they have restricted you.

Now you must be wondering what just happened? Right? There are great chances that they have given you the taste of your medicines. You start searching for them and if you can’t find them it means they have blocked you. Try to contact them through alternative ways for supposing texting them on the number or through WhatsApp and find out if they have blocked you on Facebook. You can follow our guide about that as well.

If you can’t add them on Facebook this does not necessarily mean they have blocked you there’s a good chance they have changed their privacy and that allows them to accept friend requests from friends of friends only.

One last chance to assume so that they have deactivated their Facebook id. Isn’t it surprising? Well yes, they have deactivated themselves on Facebook. Or maybe you can stalk them from your friend’s account and find out what’s the deal?

Yes you can still add them after unblocking them

Once you unblock someone on Facebook and then send them a request or add them again, or let us say befriending a user. There’s nothing on this earth you can do about that. You will stay blocked as much as they want. Only if you can reach out to them through different apps and request them to add you again. or just make yourself understand that they don’t want to stay friends with you and just move on with your life as there’s a lot of things you can do besides waiting on someone to unblock you and add you again. Once they unblock you, you can have all access to their privacy like searching their profile, being able to send them a text message etc. now you can add them again without sounding so weird and confused that’s all what you need.


In this article, we have explained to you almost all kinds of situations from blocking someone on Facebook to unblocking them and after that what steps you must take so that you can find out if they really blocked you on Facebook or are just avoiding you. We have got you covered throughout the article and you have almost all kinds of situations you would take if someone blocked and if you have blocked someone on Facebook. Remember blocking and unfriending people on Facebook is not the end of the world. There are plenty of things you should do besides waiting on someone and always live your life to the fullest and enjoy the good side of social media.

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