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Why Starting with GAN Development is Great for your Machine Learning?

Why Starting with GAN Development is Great for your Machine Learning?

Most people outside the data science domain like to believe that, and often say it unabashedly, that machine learning is an extremely complex, and painful operation, and often lacks the creativity bubble that other professions demonstrate. Well, I must say that “sorry sir, you are probably unaware of GANs and the magic they create with any dataset, including with your pictures, videos, and text content!” If the person is not from the machine learning domain itself, chances are very high that they may not have even heard of what GANs really are.


GANs were first coined and explained in detail in 2014! 10 years ago, there was no sign of the GAN development model. So, let’s understand what’s GAN and why starting with GAN development in your machine learning online course would serve the best opportunities in your career.

What is GAN?

GAN is a standard abbreviation for Generative Adversarial Network and is used extensively nowadays as an extension of machine learning frameworks for semi-supervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning. The core concept of the GAN architecture is the use of a ‘generator’ and a ‘discriminator’ to distinguish between plausible data and fake data. Both generator and discriminator are part of the neural networking framework that are used to evaluate backpropagation procedures.

The generator subset identifies with the real data and labels it as plausible data, which can be used for the training of machine learning algorithms. On the other hand, the discriminator picks only the fake data from the dataset and ‘discriminates’ it by penalizing it for delivering wrong / implausible outcomes. The scale of GANs needs to work in favor of the discriminator. The degree of accuracy of the GAN depends on how well the discriminator can pick and penalize the fake data from the real data. As the level of accuracy increases for the discriminator training set, the accuracy of the generator training set decreases. In short, the Generator training algorithm generates real data, and the Discriminative algorithm evaluates this data.

Isn’t it interesting to know why GANs are so incredibly gifted? Now, wait.

Let’s explore the 5 reasons why you should explore GAN development.

Reason 1: GANs are still in the development phase

GANs are called the ‘black holes’ of AI space. Only 0.01% of the GAN algorithms have been fully understood and tapped for commercial use. There is ample scope for professionals to dig through discriminative algorithms and sieve data that can make GANs more accurate.

Speaking of Black Holes, did you know GANs are used to improve the quality of spatial images clicked from the space and satellites? GANs are also used to rectify lensing issues that are often attributed to “gravitational lensing” in dark matter research. 90% of the time, astronomical images are corrected using GANs.

Hmm, an interesting connection between outer space research, Machine learning, and image corrections!

Reason 2: Convergence of GANs is a highly debated problem in the ML world

If you love to solve puzzles, GANs convergence mini max issue is a stupefying challenge for any trained machine learning expert. Learning how GANs work very early in your ML career can push you hard into solving the complex challenge of GAN convergence which basically means how to extract accurate results and manage “weighted” datasets that are derived from balancing an implicitly generative and discriminative algorithm at the same time. Other pertinent issues associated with GANs are Mode Collapse, hyper-sensitivity to parameters, and diminished gradient to augmented learning in later phases of development.

Reason 3: Gaming Characters

Now the real fun begins. Did you know 90% of the games that have been lost during the switch from video gaming consoles to internet gaming can all be brought back in a jiffy? Yes, GANs are used to recreate old video games using highly advanced resolution fixing techniques, called supersampling and anti-aliasing. If you want to be an ML engineer for the video gaming industry in 2021, this is your chance to stroke it forward with the GAN development package.

Reason 4: Next-gen ML Titles

You could be the world’s first GAN developer for shoe design? Or, ML algorithm developer for a flame thrower, or art collaborator for the world’s richest studios and galleries!

Yes, GANs are used in deep reinforcement learning algorithms used for 3D printing and art designing.

Reason 5: High Pay for Security Audits

GANs are used to fight forensic crimes, particularly those that involve deep fakes and forgery. If you like a fat paycheck, GAN development can get you there.

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