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Yoga for Women -Reduce the Effects of Working Night Shifts

Yoga for Women -Reduce the Effects of Working Night Shifts

Women who work night shifts for a longer period of time are more at risk of heart disease than women who work during the day. Recent research has revealed that women who work in night shifts for 5 years or more, as compared to women who work from 9 to 5 pm in a day, are suffering from heart disease. There is a high risk of death from it. Nurses, doctors, call center employees, as well as women in the hospitality industry, have to work at night for their whole life. That’s where yoga for women come into play.

What Researchers Say?

According to the Nurses Health Study published in JAMA, women nurses working day and night are more at risk of getting coronary heart disease. Traditional hazards responsible for heart diseases have also been taken into consideration during this study. This study on 300,000 nurses and former nurses found that nurses who worked in night shifts for 10 years or more, compared to women who did not work continuously in night shifts for so long, The risk of getting coronary heart disease is 15 percent or more. Young women are at higher risk.

In this context, the President of HCFI and the Secretary of ISA, ‘Dr. KK Aggarwal ‘says that due to working at night, the stress of employees increases. Due to this, they become addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, unhealthy junk, and high trans-fat food, etc. They often do not get time to exercise and their sleep patterns also become irregular. All these things together cause diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, which is the main cause of heart diseases.

Yoga for women can help them reduce the mentioned risks. Apart from reducing joint pain, yoga can help women to stress less and reduce the chance of heart problems.

With this, women go into deputation by working at night. Mothers and wives do not know the things of the daily life of their children and family. She sleeps during the day, due to which she is unable to fulfill social responsibilities. There is no fixed day of weekly leave of nurses and doctors, which brings uncertainty in their lives and increases stress and loneliness.

The Solution?

In order to reduce the side effects of nighttime work, it is necessary to make some changes in daily life schedule, which requires the understanding and cooperation of family and friends.

Things to do for the good health of women  

There are so many health issues in human life. The effects of doing the night shift on women’s health are common nowadays. Below, I have suggested some points for good health after doing some research. If you take care of some of the things then you can definitely defeat the bad health issues. You can choose your own time that suits you.    

  • The first and most important thing is that the atmosphere of the house should be such that he can sleep comfortably for 6 to 8 hours a day. This daytime sleep is not just a nap but it is the option of full sleep at night, so it should be deep and peaceful.
  •  Relax one hour after work, whether day or night, relaxing music, or a warm bath can help.
  • Just make a routine that suits you to do yoga and some other exercises to keep yourself stress-free and calm for better health. 
  • Eat all the food at the same time on the seven days of the week, because of this the body clock keeps working right.
  • Eat high protein foods with vegetables, peanut butter crackers, fruits, etc. so that you can be alert.
  • Do not take alcohol-containing things before sleeping.
  • Avoid coffee, chai, cola, and other caffeine-containing drinks that interfere with sleep. Drink orange juice during a considerable break and do a stroll. Physical activities help in keeping awake.
  • Avoid sleeping on an empty stomach. If you do not feel like eating, then take a glass of milk or dairy products, which leads to good sleep.
  •  Wear a dark or comfortable eye shield in the sleeping room. Even with closed eyes, you are sensitive to light, which hinders you from sleeping or causes obstruction in sleeping.
  •  Turn off daytime noise which can spoil your restful deep sleep.
  •  Beware of cold and allergy medicines that have side effects related to sleep.


Therefore, women find less time for themselves so it is hard to manage the routine that I described above and add yoga for women to the schedule. But, if you make some efforts for your health, then definitely you can become healthy and live a peaceful life.

I hope you like this article. If you want to know more about yoga asana then you can also join a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh which is a great yoga course for beginners as well as intermediate level learners to get acquainted with yoga and yogic lifestyle. It will also help you to incorporate yoga and meditation into your daily lifestyle which as we all know has a huge impact on the quality of life.

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